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Family History/Genealogy: FHL Equipment

Available at the BYU Family History Library

Epson Stylus Pro 7890 Large Format Printer

This 24-inch-wide printer is great for printing large family trees and high-quality posters.

Scan Pro

View the information that has been stored on microfilms on the computer monitor. When you locate the information that you want, you can complete a high resolution scan in a short time or send it to the printer for a hard copy.

Sheet-Feed Scanner

This scanner will scan loose pages (front and back) to a high-quality PDF document or image file at high speeds. Choose your settings using a simple program to get just what you need.  If you're more interested in a hard copy, you can scan directly to a printer. 


Kodak Photo Scan Station

This scanner is ideal for scanning stacks of photos quickly and simply.  Just plug a flash drive into the USB cable and work through the menu options to begin scanning.

OpticBook Scanner

This OpticBook Scanner is simple to use, very fast, and has several useful features.  In just seconds, you can scan a page and create a PDF file with searchable text.  Scan using color, grayscale, or text presets at up to 600 dots per inch (dpi).

Slide Scanners

There are two different types of slide scanners available for your use.


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