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Juvenile Books in Foreign Languages: Home

Guide to juvenile books in the Lee Library written in French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian and other non-English languages.

Juvenile Books in Foreign Languages

How to Find Juvenile Books in Foreign Languages

  1. From the library home page, select Find Books, and then Advance Keyword Search
  2. A quick search for foreign language materials can be done using the language feature. Select the language you want from the drop down menu and select “Juvenile Collection” as the location. This search however, will also bring up materials that have been translated into English or other languages. Try adding “NOT English” to the “search all” box.
  3. A second way to search for foreign language juvenile books is to use xxx{lang} in the “Search all” box, where “xxx” are the first three letters of the language you are looking for (i.e. spa, ger, haw, etc. The only exception to this is Japanese, the code is jpn NOT jap). Limit the location to Juvenile Collection.
  4. You can also add “NOT eng{lang}” to the “search all” box.
  5. Often juvenile books in other languages will be in other sections of the library (especially the humanities section on level 5). The best way to find these books is to keep the location as “ANY” and add “juvenile” in the subject search box. Use the language drop down menu or “xxx{lang}” in “search all” to indicate the language you want the materials in.
  6. Most books in the catalog have hyperlinked “Subject” and/or “Genre or Form” fields. Clicking on the hyperlinked text will take you to other items with the same attribute.
  7. A printable version of these instructions with pictures is available here: How to find juvenile books in foreign languages.

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