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Honor Week: February 19-22, 2013


Mark your calenders for February 19-22, 2013 where we will participate in Honor Week and give away our famous copyright cookies again. Come play the copyright game for your chance to win some cool prizes!

Copyright Information

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Copyright issues face us every day. When you write a paper for a class, can you quote someone else? How much can you quote? What if you are criticizing another work? Learn more in the Fair Use section to understand this legal copyright exemption.

photo obtained from flickr

Unsure what music is legal to download and what isn't? Check out the Digital Media section for more information.

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Executive Summary

Members of the BYU community who disregard this Copyright Policy may violate the Honor Code and the terms of their employment (i.e., they may jeopardize their employment); may place themselves at risk for possible legal action; and may incur personal liability.

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