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Dance 359R: Dance and Identity (Debenham): Home

Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  1. Gain and demonstrate an appreciation for dance as a factor in the creation of identity.
  2. Identify, understand and articulate issues of identity that influence the creation, the performance, and the interpretation of dance.
  3. Make visible through writing, discussion and presentation what you understand about your own culture and the role that dance plays in the formation of your personal identity. Also be able to demonstrate through reflection and analysis differences and similarities between how dance both shapes and represents the race, gender, the body, age, and religion of others.
  4. Develop insights into the "self" thereby motivating you toward using your artistic talents to create works that will further define and create your own identity.
  5. Analyze one major identity issue and its relation to a significant choreographic work, a major dance artist, or a particular dance genre.

Research Topics Paper, Original Study or Project

Research projects

Panel Research/Presentation

From our assigned readings and additional research you will become the "experts" on a topic. On the assigned day, the panel will present to the class. On a follow-up day the panel will engage the class in a discussion and elaborate on any points they may not have gotten to the first day.

Individual Research Paper

For this paper you will elaborate on an aspect of your panel presentation that you found engaging. You will research and provide a viewpoint on an identity issue and its connection to a choreographer, a piece of choreography, or a specific genre or dance style.

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