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A database for scholarly research of topics in the LDS scriptures

Prioritization for inclusion

Title Inclusion
Entire Encyclopedia of Mormonism 9/13
Entire Journal of the Book of Mormon and Other Restoration Scripture
Religious Educator
Book of Mormon Onomasticon
Entire BYU Studies
Studies in the Bible and Antiquity
Online Religious Studies Center Materials
Entire Collected Works of Hugh Nibley
Entire FARMS Review
Entire Maxwell Institute Online Materials 

Note: Titles begining with "Entire" are partially in the database currently. Priority is given to online items for which we can link to full-text.

Requests for other titles or for a bump in priority can be made to we also welcome any feedback or error reporting.


The Scripture Bibliography is a new database (currently in beta) with bibliographic entries for 7,234 books, journal articles, book reviews, speeches & talks, pamphlets & tracts, and other material. Currently the database covers publications from 1830 - 1996. The database is growing and will be updated to the present very soon. The immediate focus is on the Book of Mormon, since there are other tools for the study of the Bible and Doctrine & Covenants, but eventually all the standard works will be well represented.

The database has a reverse citation function, allowing users to search for a specific chapter and verse of scripture to see which books or articles cite that specific scripture. Entire chapters can be searched by leaving off the verse; likewise whole books can be searched by leaving off chapter and verse.


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