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Social Sciences Reference Desk: Home

This guide is for the use of Students working at the Social Sciences Help Desk. Use this guide to get updates on upcoming projects, check for daily announcements, request time off and find answers to FAQ's about the help desk.


New announcements will be posted here regularly, please remember to check for announcements at the beginning on your shift

  • 8/18/2022


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Training Meetings

Upcoming Training Meetings:

Oct 28th staff meeting





  • You can see your project assignments and open projects using on our ongoing projects worksheet.

Daily Tasks

  1. Roaming - look for patrons who need assistance, anything out of the ordinary, or potentially hazardous activities; the following areas can be covered, First North, First Central, Juvenile (Fourth Floor), and Ancient Studies room (5431 HBLL); also be prepared to resupply whiteboard markers in the Group Study Rooms. Take the department tablet with you.
  2. Reshelving the Reference Collection - Check the brown return shelves in the Reference and Curriculum areas (and the "Reference / Curriculum" sorting shelves stacks manages for our area, located just outside of the GSRs), mark items as used in Workflows, return item(s) to their designated spot(s) on the reference or curriculum shelves.
  3. Restocking - Check printers for paper, make sure the GSRs have working whiteboard markers, and check to make sure all other office supplies are properly stocked (staples, tape, etc.). Extra supplies can be found at Receiving. 
  4. Checking Email - Check the department email ( for email and respond to any questions/requests we may receive.
  5. Getting the Mail - Mail should be retrieved every day; the mail key is in the top drawer in the workroom. Only one person can do this per day.

Be sure to mark the Daily Tasks Sheet in the workroom. As long as you have checked these areas you can still mark off on the sheet that you have completed that task even if there are no books to reshelve, items to restock, or emails to respond to.

Whoever completes the most daily tasks during the month will receive a special reward!