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Family History/Genealogy: Library Tour

BYU Family History Library Photos

The Religion and Family History area is located on the second floor of the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University.  It is also commonly referred to as the BYU Family History Library.


Our student help desk employees are here to help you find items in our catalog, order films from the Salt Lake Family History Library, check out library items, and answer questions you may have about computers and printing.  If you would like  assistance, don’t hesitate to ask.


Our area is also staffed with over one hundred missionary consultants, who are here to help you with family history research.  They can help you get started, find records in our online or print collections,  and use family history software.


We have a variety of scanners for digitizing records, including book scanners, high-speed sheet-feed scanners, slide scanners, and several machines for digitizing microfilm and microfiche. The help desk employees can show you how to use the equipment.


There are over 60 open-access computers within our department.  Patrons can use these to access the internet, use pre-installed family history programs like RootsMagic and Legacy, or access other databases.


Patrons have several options for printing from our computers.  We have both black and white and color printers, as well as a large-format printer for large photos and charts. 


Fan charts can be printed from information that has been entered into FamilySearch.


We have a collection of over 300,000 microfilms from the  Salt Lake Family History Library .  Patrons can order copies of Family History Library films free of charge.


We have several shelves containing our collection of newspapers on microfilm.


We have multiple readers that are easy to use and project a large image for reading of microfilm.


Along with all of our resources for family history research, we have a large number of books on religion and a rich collection of Mormon history resources. The sculpture of Joseph Smith featured here is  by Ortho R. Fairbanks



The BYU Family History Library has a large study and research area.



Family History Librarian

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Joe Everett
2246 HBLL
Harold B. Lee Library
Brigham Young University
Provo, UT 84062