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Chinese Studies: Asian Collection

A guide to resources for the study of China

Asian Collection Call Number Guide

AC-AE Collections, encyclopedias

BL 1900 Daoism

BQ Buddhism

BR-BX Christianity

DS East Asian history

      DS 700-799 China

      DS 800-899 Japan

      DS 900-940 Korea

G 1019-2357 Maps

GR 335-340 Fables, myths, legends, folklore

GR 342-GT  Customs

GV 1100-1400 Martial arts, games

HC 427-470 Economic conditions

HN-HQ  Society

J Politics and government

  JZ 1730-1734 Chinese

  JZ 1745 Japanese

  JZ 1748 Korean

K Law

M Music

N Art

PL Languages and Literatures of East Asia

   PL 501-845 Japanese

   PL 901-949 Korean

   PL 1001-3300 Chinese

Q Science

R  Medicine

S  Agriculture

T Technology

U Military science

Z Libraries



To find books in Chinese

If you know the author or title you want:    

Look up the book on the library catalog or on the library homepage using Chinese Characters or Pinyin Romanization

If you search by Pinyin, leave a space between the Romanization of every character except for place names.

     Example: san guo yan yi  NOT  Sanguo yanyi

     BUT Zhongguo             

To browse the Asian Collection for Chinese books:                                  

      • See the Asian Collection Call Number Guide (left side of this page)

      • English language books about China are found in various locations:

        History (1st Floor); Language and Literature (5th Floor);

        Religion (2nd Floor); Philosophy (5th Floor)

Chinese Reading Database

Encyclopedias in Chinese

Zhongguo dabaike quanshu 中国大百科全书  Asian Reference AE17 .C483x


Print Dictionaries

Unabridged Dictionaries

Dai Kanwa jiten 大漢和辞典 (Morohashi)  Asian Reference PL 681.C5 M6 1966  13 vols.     

Zhong wen da ci dian 中文大辭典 Asian Reference PL 1420 .C57  40 vols.

Major dictionaries

Hanyu da zidian  汉语大字典 Asian Reference PL 1420 .H26 1986

Hanyu da cidian  汉语大词典 Asian Reference PL 1420 .H26 1987

Cihai  辞海 Asian Reference PL 1420 .T86 1979