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Japanese Studies: Asian Collection

Guide to resources for the study of Japan and Japanese

Cherry Blossoms

Japanese WWW Article Indexes


To find books in Japanese

If you know the author or title you want:

Look up the book in the library catalog using Kanji 漢字 and Kana かな or Hepburn Romanization.

For detailed rules on Romanization consult the Japanese documentaion at   

To browse the Asian Collection for Japanese books:

Check the Asian Collection Call Number Guide and visit the relevant section of the stacks.


Japanese Dictionaries

Asian Reference     

      Japanese-English/English-Japanese PL 679

      Nelson’s Japanese-English Character Dictionary  PL 679 .N4

Asian Collection Call Number Guide

AC-AE Collections, encyclopedias

BL 1900 Daoism

BQ Buddhism

BR-BX Christianity

DS East Asian history

      DS 700-799 China

      DS 800-899 Japan

       DS 900-940 Korea

G 1019-2357 Maps

GR 335-340 Fables, myths, legends, folklore

GR 342-GT  Customs

GV 1100-1400 Martial arts, games

HC 427-470 Economic conditions

HN-HQ  Society

J Politics and government

K Law

M Music

N Art

PL Languages and Literatures of East Asia

        PL 501-845 Japanese

        PL 901-949 Korean

         PL 1001-3300 Chinese

Q Science

R  Medicine

S  Agriculture

T Technology

U Military science

Z Libraries