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Bloomberg Guide: Equities

Bloomberg Instruction and Reference Guides

Equity Search Tips

To go to the EQUITY menu, press F8 then <GO>

If you wish to research a stock, type the ticker symbol, then press Equity, then <GO>, for example to find Novell's Equity:

NOVL  [F8 Equity] <GO>

To find your company equity symbol, go to the EQUITY menu then choose #1 for Finding Securities, then #1 for Ticker symbol lookup, then choose the appropriate line # then Go to view the menu/quote for that specific stock.

To move back a menu, hit the MENU key on the keyboard or type MENU and press [Go].

Popular Functions:

ESQ < GO > - for an equity search
RV < GO > - relative value
GPMR < GO > - annotated stock price graph

Other Shortcuts:

TICKER [F8 Yellow Equity Key] SHORTCUT

Shortcut Description
ANC Nelson's Analyst Coverage
ANR Analyst Recommendations and Ratings
BETA BETA page for your equity
CACS Corporate Action Calendar lists company events, stock splits, divestitures, corporate meetings, etc.
CN Company news
COMP Comparative returns
DES Description, profile, and financial summary
EDGR Edgar filings
EE Earnings Estimates
HDS Displays a list of the company's biggest institutional investors
HP or GP Historical Prices or Graphical Historical Prices
MGMT Management profiles
RV Relative Value of the company compares to others within the same industry
TRA Total Returns with dividends

Cheatsheets for Basic Equity Topics

Click on a PDF file below to find the Bloomberg commands for various Basic Equity topics

Example- Finding members of an Index

If you are looking for a major world index, like the S&P500 or DAX, type WEI <GO> for the World Equities Indexes menu.

To find companies of the Russell 1000 (or other indexes):

  • Hit yellow [F10 Index Key] <GO>
  • Choose #1, ticker symbol lookup, then type in your INDEX name
  • Choose INDEX from list
  • Ticker for INDEX will appear in upper left corner of screen
  • Type in TICKER [F10] MEMB <GO> to view INDEX description screen, which lists members with weightings.
  • To find more information about the INDEX, type TICKER [F10] DES <GO>
  • To find Total Return Spreadsheet for Indices & Equities, type IDOC Clouser <GO>

Various Indexes:

  • Dow Jones
  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • S&P 100
  • AMEX
  • Russell 1000

Cheatsheets for Advanced Equity Topics

Click on a PDF file below to find the Bloomberg commands for various Advanced Equity topics