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Photography: Journal Titles

Photography Journals in the Library

Following is a list of current subscriptions to print journals/magazines in the Lee Library. Print journals are located on level 2, in the Periodicals Room. Some might also be available online (linked title). Annuals are located on level 5. To find out if the Lee Library has a specific title, search it in Journal Finder.

Many of the journals in the Art section below also cover design and photography.



online Afterimage   x
TR 1 .A62 Aperture 2 x
TR 640 .B18 Black and White Magazine 2 x
TR 1 .B55 Blind Spot 2 x
TR 640 .C66 Contact Sheet 2 x
TR 690 .A1 P48 Graphis Photo 5 | annual x
TR 835 .M551 Information + Document Management International: IDMi (keep 2 years) 2 x in 34216
TR 1 .P468 PDN: Photo District News 2 x
  Photo eye booklist (canceled past)   x
TR 1 .P545x Photo Life (Vancouver, B.C.) 2 x
TR 12 .P515 Photographer's Market 5 | latest year in HUMREF x
TR 1 .P8845 Popular Photography 2 x
  Topics in Photographic Preservation   x


B 785 .F434 A2 Accademia: revue de la Société Marsile Ficin 5 | annual x c
N 6505 .S56 American Art (National Museum of American Art) 2 n?
N 50 .A54x American Art Directory 5 | HumRef x
N 6505 .A619 American Art Review   x
N 5320 .A55 Antique Kunst   x
CC 3 .A57x Antiquite Tardive 5 | annual x c
N 1 .A255 Apollo   x c 
N 6505 .A55 Art & Antiques   x c
N 7260 .A78x Art & Asia Pacific   x c
N 1 .A43 Art in America   x
N 1 .A57 Art Monthly   x c
N 7810 .A8 Arte cristiana   x c
N 4 .A53 Arte lombarda   x c
N 5950 .A78 Arte medievale   x
N 6921 .A6 Arte veneta   x c
N 1 .A814 Artforum international   x
N 8 .A75 Artibus Asiae   x c
NX 1 .A1 A77 Artibus et historiae 5 | annual n?
N 8600 .A76 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market (now Artist's Market) 5 | HumRef x
N 1 .A37x The Artist's Magazine   x
N 1 .A6 ARTnews   x
N 8670 .A66 Blouin Art Sales Index (same as Art Sales Index) 5 | HumRef x
N 4 .B6 Bollettino d'arte   x
N 610 .A4 The Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art   x c
N 1. B95 The Burlington Magazine   x
DF 501 .B8 Byzantinische Zetitschrift   x c
CC 3. C34 Cahiers archéologiques   x c
NK 3700 .C425 Ceramics in America 5 | annual x c
NK 3700 .C475 Ceramic Technical 5 | annual x c
NK 3700 .C47 Ceramics, art and perception   x c
N 2 .C62 Connaissance des Arts   x
N 6480 .C668 Contemporary (London, England)   x
S 3 .C9 Country Life (London, England)   n?
N 6512 .C64 Cowboy Artists of America 5 | annual x
N 5 .V74a De Kroniek van het Rembrandthuis   x
N 1 .A1 F532x Flash Art (International)   x c
N 6480 .F75 Frieze: Contemporary Art and Culture   x c
N 6280 .G4 Gesta   x
N 1 .A46 Giornale dell'arte (The Art Newspaper)   x c
N 50 .I6 International Directory of Arts 5 | annual latest in HumRef x
N 6260 .I82 Islamic Art 5 | annual x c
BR 128 .A2 J3 Jahrbuch fur Antike und Christentum 5 | annual x c
AS 122 .L815 Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes (online only) x
DG 12 .A575 Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 1 | annual) x c
N 610 .A725 Metropolitan Museum Journal 5 | annual x c
N 14 . K8x Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz   x c
N 6480 .M63 Modern Painters   x
online + N 72 .F45 N73 N.paradoxa   x c
online + N 5 .N4 Netherlands Yearbook for the History of Art also in JSTOR x
N 6450 .N54 Nineteenth Century (Victorian Society in America)  
online + NX 1 .O22x October   x
DJ 1 .O9 Oud Holland   x
N 4 .P76 Prospettiva   x
N 7432.5 .A78 R29x Raw Vision: International Journal of Intuitive and Visionary Art (London, England)   x
DF 501 .R4 Revue des etudes byzantines   x c
N 2460 .A3x The Rijksmuseum Bulletin   x c
N 81 .S3 School Arts   x
N 5 .S55 Simiolus   x
N 8640 .A5 Sotheby's Art at Auction 5 | annual x c
N 1 .S69x Source: Notes in the History of Art   x
N 6525 .S58 Southwest Art   x
N 4 .S84 Storia dell'arte   x c
N 6911 .S77 Studi di storia dell'arte 5 | annual x c
PN 661 .S83 Studi medievali   x
N 81 .S84 Studies in Art Education   x c
NX 1 .S84 Studies in Iconography 5 | annual x
N 386 .U5 S78 Studies in the History of Art   x
AM 201 .T24 Treasures: Antique to Modern Collecting   x c
online Winterthur Portfolio   x
N 3 .Z53 Zeitschrift fur Kunstgeschichte   x c

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