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Government Documents: Census

Census Access Online

Census Publications

Call Number: DOCS-REF: C3.205/8-3:29

Census Atlas of the United States

Call Number: C 3.24:

Census of Manufactures (1900-1992)

Call Number: C 59.9:

Business Conditions Digest (1961-1990)

Call Number: C 3.163/3:790-945

Catalog of Census Publications, 1790-Present

Call Number: C 3.31/4:

Census of Agriculture (1860-1992)

Census of Housing

Call Number: C 3.(year):

(1950 and earlier)

Call Number: C 3.224/9:960


Call Number: C 3.224/5:

Block Statistics (1970-present)

Call Number: C 3.224/6:

Components of Inventory Change (1970-present)

Call Number: C 3.224/3:

Housing Characteristics for States, Cities, and Counties (1970-present)

Call Number: C 3.224/10:

Subject Reports (1970-present)

Call Number: C 3.224/8:

Supplementary Reports (1970-present)

Call Number: C3.30:

Census Monographs (1910-1960)

Census of Population

Call Number: C3-(year):

(1960 and before)

Call Number: C3.223/:


Call Number C 3.134/2:

County and City Data Book (1949-2000)

Call Number: C 3.215:

Current Housing Reports ()

Call Number C 3.158:

Current Industrial Reports (1970-1997)

Call Number: C 3.186:

Current Population Reports (1946-1994)

Call Number: Docs. Ref. C 3.134/2:H62

Historical Statistics of the United States, Colonial Times to 1970

Call Number: C 3.35/(year):

Religious Bodies (1890, 1906, 1916, 1936)

Call Number: C 3.134:

Statistical Abstract of the United States (1885-2009)

Most recent edition available in Documents Reference.

Census Publications