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Illustration: Journal Titles

Following is a list of current individual subscriptions to print journals in the Lee Library. This list does not include the thousands of other titles available through online databases.

  • To find out if the Lee Library subscribes to a specific title, search it in Journal Finder.
  • Print journals are located on level 2, in the Periodicals Room.

NOTE: Many of the journals listed below in the Art section also cover design and photography.


B 785 .F434 A2 Accademia: revue de la Société Marsile Ficin 5 | annual x c
N 6505 .S56 American Art (National Museum of American Art) 2 n?
N 50 .A54x American Art Directory 5 | HumRef x
N 6505 .A619 American Art Review   x
N 5320 .A55 Antique Kunst   x
CC 3 .A57x Antiquite Tardive 5 | annual x c
N 1 .A255 Apollo   x c 
N 6505 .A55 Art & Antiques   x c
N 7260 .A78x Art & Asia Pacific   x c
N 1 .A43 Art in America   x
N 1 .A57 Art Monthly   x c
N 7810 .A8 Arte cristiana   x c
N 4 .A53 Arte lombarda   x c
N 5950 .A78 Arte medievale   x
N 6921 .A6 Arte veneta   x c
N 1 .A814 Artforum international   x
N 8 .A75 Artibus Asiae   x c
NX 1 .A1 A77 Artibus et historiae 5 | annual n?
N 8600 .A76 Artist's & Graphic Designer's Market (now Artist's Market) 5 | HumRef x
N 1 .A37x The Artist's Magazine   x
N 1 .A6 ARTnews   x
N 8670 .A66 Blouin Art Sales Index (same as Art Sales Index) 5 | HumRef x
N 4 .B6 Bollettino d'arte   x
N 610 .A4 The Bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art   x c
N 1. B95 The Burlington Magazine   x
DF 501 .B8 Byzantinische Zetitschrift   x c
CC 3. C34 Cahiers archéologiques   x c
NK 3700 .C425 Ceramics in America 5 | annual x c
NK 3700 .C475 Ceramic Technical 5 | annual x c
NK 3700 .C47 Ceramics, art and perception   x c
N 2 .C62 Connaissance des Arts   x
N 6480 .C668 Contemporary (London, England)   x
S 3 .C9 Country Life (London, England)   n?
N 6512 .C64 Cowboy Artists of America 5 | annual x
N 5 .V74a De Kroniek van het Rembrandthuis   x
N 1 .A1 F532x Flash Art (International)   x c
N 6480 .F75 Frieze: Contemporary Art and Culture   x c
N 6280 .G4 Gesta   x
N 1 .A46 Giornale dell'arte (The Art Newspaper)   x c
N 50 .I6 International Directory of Arts 5 | annual latest in HumRef x
N 6260 .I82 Islamic Art 5 | annual x c
BR 128 .A2 J3 Jahrbuch fur Antike und Christentum 5 | annual x c
AS 122 .L815 Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes (online only) x
DG 12 .A575 Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome 1 | annual) x c
N 610 .A725 Metropolitan Museum Journal 5 | annual x c
N 14 . K8x Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz   x c
N 6480 .M63 Modern Painters   x
online + N 72 .F45 N73 N.paradoxa   x c
online + N 5 .N4 Netherlands Yearbook for the History of Art also in JSTOR x
N 6450 .N54 Nineteenth Century (Victorian Society in America)  
online + NX 1 .O22x October   x
DJ 1 .O9 Oud Holland   x
N 4 .P76 Prospettiva   x
N 7432.5 .A78 R29x Raw Vision: International Journal of Intuitive and Visionary Art (London, England)   x
DF 501 .R4 Revue des etudes byzantines   x c
N 2460 .A3x The Rijksmuseum Bulletin   x c
N 81 .S3 School Arts   x
N 5 .S55 Simiolus   x
N 8640 .A5 Sotheby's Art at Auction 5 | annual x c
N 1 .S69x Source: Notes in the History of Art   x
N 6525 .S58 Southwest Art   x
N 4 .S84 Storia dell'arte   x c
N 6911 .S77 Studi di storia dell'arte 5 | annual x c
PN 661 .S83 Studi medievali   x
N 81 .S84 Studies in Art Education   x c
NX 1 .S84 Studies in Iconography 5 | annual x
N 386 .U5 S78 Studies in the History of Art   x
AM 201 .T24 Treasures: Antique to Modern Collecting   x c
online Winterthur Portfolio   x
N 3 .Z53 Zeitschrift fur Kunstgeschichte   x c


NC 997 .A1 A4x Aidea = Idea: International Advertising Art 2 x
NC 1002 .L36 A43 American Graphic Design & Advertising 2 x
NC 975 .A78 American Illustration 5 | annual x ?
NC 975 .A1 I5 Annual of American Illustration (Society of Illustrators) 5 | annual x
NA 968 .B58 Blueprint (London, England) 2 x
NC 997 .A1 Communication Arts 2 x
NC 998.6 .G7 D47 D & AD: British Design and Art Direction  5 | annual x
NC 997 .A1 G73 Design Annual (Graphis, New York) 5 | annual x
NK 1160 .D488 Design Issues 2 x
N 4 .D6 Domus 2 x
NC 1. E94x Eye: The International Review of Graphic Design (London) 2 x
NC 997 .A1 G7373x Graphis Advertising Annual 5 x
Z 116 .A3 G73x Graphis Book Design 5 x
NC 1002 .L47 G7 Graphis Letterhead 5 x
NC 1002 .L63 G7x Graphis Logo Design 5 x
NK 1160 .G736x New Talent Annual (Graphis) 5 x
NC 1800 .G7 Poster Annual (Graphis) 5 x
NC 1000 .H68 HOW: Ideas & Technique in Graphic Design 2 x
  Information + document management international: IDmi   x
PN 6710 .I58 International Journal of Comic Art 2 x
NK 7300 .L36 Jewelry Artist 2 x
N 6535 .N5 M47 Metropolis 2 x
NC 997 .A1 G4 Novum (Munich, Germany) 2 x
NC 975 .P83 Publication Design Annual 5 x
PZ 4 .A4 S67 Spectrum 5 | annual ?get it
Z 243 .A2 T9a Typography (Type Director's Club) 5 x
NK 1700 .W35 Wallpaper (London, England) 2 x


online Afterimage   x
TR 1 .A62 Aperture 2 x
TR 640 .B18 Black and White Magazine 2 x
TR 1 .B55 Blind Spot 2 x
TR 640 .C66 Contact Sheet 2 x
TR 690 .A1 P48 Graphis Photo 5 | annual x
TR 835 .M551 Information + Document Management International: IDMi (keep 2 years) 2 x in 34216
TR 1 .P468 PDN: Photo District News 2 x
  Photo eye booklist (canceled past)   x
TR 1 .P545x Photo Life (Vancouver, B.C.) 2 x
TR 12 .P515 Photographer's Market 5 | latest year in HUMREF x
TR 1 .P8845 Popular Photography 2 x
  Topics in Photographic Preservation   x


NA 1 .A326 Architect (Washington, D.C.) 2 x c
NA 200 .A69 Architectura (Munich, Germany) 2 x c
NA 730 .C2 A7 Architectural Digest 2 x
NA 190 .A72 Architectural History 2 x c
NA 1 .A6 Architectural Record 2 x
NA 1 .A69 The Architectural Review 2 x
NA 6 .A74 Arkitektur (Stockholm, Sweden) 2 x
N 4 .D6 Domus 2 x
  Florida Architecture   x
NA 737 .W7 F6785x Frank Lloyd Wright Quarterly 2 x
NA 7100 .H65 House Beautiful 2 x
NK 1700 .I632x Interior Design (New York) 2 x
NA 6 .J3 The Japan Architect 2 x
NA 11 .A83 Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 2 x
NK 1700 .M13x MD (Leinfelden, Germany) 2 x
N 6535 .N5 M47 Metropolis 2 x
TH 3401 .O43 The Old-House Journal 2 x
NA 9000 .T6 Town & Country Planning 2 x
F 821 .S275 Utah Style & Design 2 x