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Modern Art: Concept Mapping

Concept Mapping


DADA (Berlin, Zurich, and New York)

New Objectivity in Germany

School of Paris

De Stijl


Architecture of the Early 20th Century


Social Realism: Russia and the USA

German Film

German Female Photographers

Scene Painting in the USA



Each group will take one of the topics above and use it as a central concept on a plain sheet of paper. Using reference sources (print and online), list specific terminology, ideas, places, names of artists, imagery, related movements, or significant works around the topic.

Individually, take one of the specific items listed around the main topic, and write it on the worksheet.  Using the Library Subject Guide, find various types of resources about the topic including reference material, books, exhibition catalogs, and journal articles.



1. Reference Source (print or online)

2. Book in the Lee Library

3. Book not in the Lee Library

4. Exhibition Catalog

5. Journal Article