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Graphic Novels: Manga

Background Information


Almost all manga involves a combination of  Shounen, Shoujo, Seinen, Josei, Yaoi, or Yuri with one of the other genres listed below.

Adult – Like an adult movie, this manga often features depictions of intense violence and/ or erotica activity.

Doujinshi - Literally translates as “same person” and “magazine”.  It is fan-art inspired by published anime or manga by professional artists.

Ecchi - Borderline between hentai and non-hentai. Normally involves flashes of underwear or breasts.

Gender Bender – Usually involves two opposite sex characters magically switching bodies, or a character dressing up as the opposite sex to get into a sports program, school, or job - often on the orders of parents or bosses.

Harem/ Reverse Harem – One male character surrounded by female characters who are obviously attracted to him, or one female character surrounded by male characters who are obviously attracted to her.

Hentai - Porn

Historical – usually restricted to Japanese history, unless time travel is involved and then the setting can be in any time or place.

Josei - Women’s comic, normally targets 18-30 age group. These usually tend to be about everyday experience of women living in Japan, tends to be more realistic than Shoujo, i.e not everything works out.

Martial Arts – Tends to be combined with Seinen or Shounen, focuses on Aikido, judo, tae kwon do, karate, kendo, etc.

Mature – manga that if turned into a movie would be rated R.

Mecha - Refers to manga about walking vehicles (usually space ships or giant robots) controlled by a pilot. Usually combined with Sci-fi, and contain futuristic elements.

One Shot - Manga that consist of just one chapter. – Most manga start as one shots.

Psychological  -Usually deals with philosophy or a state of mind (most often, the crazy kind). May be disturbing for some readers.

Seinen - For young men 18-30 years old. Often involving male heroes, themes of honor, slapstick humor, and sometimes explicit sexuality, etc. –Most of the time this kind of manga involves gangsters, fighting, gambling, etc.

Shoujo – Targeted for girls roughly between the ages of 10 to 18. Usually combines romance and love with another genre and ends with the main characters getting together.

Shoujo Ai  - Mild version of girl love, may be two best friends who are extremely close.

Shounen – Primarily written for boys, fighting and/ or violence can often be seen in this manga. Closely tied to genres like action, adventure, sports, and/ or martial arts.  Often involves the main character (male or female) taking up a sport or activity that used to be the dream of someone close to them. Usually ends with the main character loosing triumphantly, or winning heroically.

Shounen Ai  - Mild case of boy love.

Smut - Sexual content.

Sports – Centers around any kind of sport, usually involves a tournament style storyline.

Yaoi – Focuses on romantic relationships between men.

Yuri –Focuses on romantic relationships between women.

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