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Music 665: Organ Pedagogy: Organ Lit.

Recommended Books

Browse for books about the organ and organ music

ML 102.O7 - Organ dictionaries (in Reference Collection)

ML 128 .O6 - Organ bibliography (in Reference Collection)

ML 156.4 .O6 - Organ discography (in Reference Collection)

 ML 549.9 - Organ congresses

ML 550 - Organ, general guides

ML 552-557 - Organ construction (history, theory, repair) by time period

ML 560-592 - Organ construction (history, theory, repair) by geographic region

ML 594-597 - Organ construction by individual organ, organ type, special parts, etc.

ML 600-606 - Literature about organ music and playing

ML 607-642 - Organ music and playing by geographic region

ML 644-647 - Literature about kinds and forms of organ music

ML 649 - Literature about reed organ music

MT 140 - Analytical guides (all instruments--some are for organ)

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