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Korean Studies: Asian Collection

A guide to resources for Korean Studies

Korean Rose

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To find books in Korean

If you know the author or title you want --    

  Look up the book on the library catalog or on the library homepage using hangul or romanization

To browse the Asian Collection for Korean books --                                 

      See the Asian Collection Call Number Guide


Asian Collection Call Number Guide

AC-AE Collections, encyclopedias

BL 1900 Daoism

BQ Buddhism

BR-BX Christianity

DS East Asian history

      DS 700-799 China

      DS 800-899 Japan

       DS 900-940 Korea

G 1019-2357 Maps

GR 335-340 Fables, myths, legends, folklore

GR 342-GT  Customs

GV 1100-1400 Martial arts, games

HC 427-470 Economic conditions

HN-HQ  Society

J Politics and government

K Law

M Music

N Art

PL Languages and Literatures of East Asia

        PL 501-845 Japanese

        PL 901-949 Korean

         PL 1001-3300 Chinese

Q Science

R  Medicine

S  Agriculture

T Technology

U Military science

Z Libraries