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Dance 170 & 370: World Dance: Find books and media

Dances from selected cultures at the beginning skill level.

Subject Headings






Dance--Soviet Union.

Folk dancing.

Indian dance--North America.

Jewish folk dancing.

(PLACE)--Social life and customs.

Call Numbers for MD 1621-1728 – Dance by region or country (Books or DVDs)

MD 1621  America, general works

MD 1622  North America general works

MD 1623-1624  USA

MD 1625 Canada

MD 1626 Latin America general works

MD 1627-28 Mexico

MD 1629-30 Central America

MD 1631-32 West Indies

MD 1633 South America general works

MD 1635-6 Argentina

MD 1637-38 Brazil

MD 1639-40 Chile

MD 1641 other countries in alphabetical order A-Z

MD 1643 Europe general works

MD 1645-46 Great Britain

MD 1647-48 Austria

MD 1649-50 France

MD 1651-52 Germany (includes former East and West)

MD 1653-54 Greece

MD 1655-56 Italy

MD 1657-1662 Low countries (Belgium, Netherlands)

MD 1663-64 Russia, Soviet Union  (does not include former Soviet Union)

MD 1665-1672 Scandinavia

MD 1673-74 Spain

MD 1675-6 Portugal

MD 1677-78 Switzerland

MD 1679-87 Balkan states

MD 1688  other European regions or countries, A-Z

MD 1689-1703  Asia

MD 1691-92 Chiina

MD 1693-94 India

MD 1695-96 Japan

MD 1697-98 Iran

MD 1699-1700 Siberia

MD 1700.2 to .7   other former Soviet Republics of Asia A-Z

MD 1701-02  Turkey

MD1703   other Asian regions or countries, A-Z

MD 1704 Arab countries

MD 1705-1713 Africa

MD 1709-10 Egypt

MD 1711-13 Oher nations of Africa are A-Z

MD 1715-16 Australia

MD 1719-20 New Zealand

MD 1727-1728 Pacific Islands (except Hawaii, which is in the US designation)

MD 1743 National dances ; Folk dancers and dancing (general)

Use subject headings or call numbers in Library Catalog searches!

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