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REL 200 The Eternal Family: Books on Specific Topics

A guide to assist students in the REL C 200: The Eternal Family course.

Philosophy and Church History/Doctrine Librarian

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Find Books on Special Topics

Use this page to find the Call Number range for a specific topic or doctrine you are researching. For example, Ctrl+F "prayer" will show you the Call Number range BX 8642 for books about prayer in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and BX 8642.13 will be books specifically about family prayer. Once you have that range, you can go to the library shelves for that call number and browse all books about that particular topic. Note this is a specific cataloging scheme unique to BYU. These call numbers will not be correct at other libraries.

Doctrinal Theology

BX 8630                       General works

                              Comparative theology. Relation to other churches and religions

BX 8630.1                          General works

                                    Individual churches and religions

BX 8630.12                              Catholic Church

BX 8630.125                            Community of Christ

BX 8630.13                              Evangelicalism

BX 8630.15                              Judaism

BX 8630.16                              Islam

BX 8630.17                              Protestant churches

BX 8630.18                              Unification Church

BX 8630.2                    Outlines, syllabi, etc.

BX 8630.3                    Compendiums

BX 8630.4                    Catechisms

BX 8630.9                    Apologetics

BX 8630.91                  Mormonism and Freemasons


Plan of salvation.

BX 8633                             General works

BX 8633.1                          Eternal progression

BX 8633.2                          Free agency. Accountability

BX 8633.3                          Pre‑existence of man

Includes war in heaven and the expulsion of Satan.

BX 8633.4                          Creation

Includes fall of Adam and evolution.

BX 8633.45                        Animals

BX 8633.5                          Sin

Origin of sin and its continuance.

BX 8633.6                          Earth life. Doctrine of Man. Doctrinal anthropology

Personality and purpose of man. Includes doctrines concerning death, translation, suicide, etc.

Cf. BX8636.4, Death (Eschatology)

BX 8633.7                          The soul

BX 8634                             Salvation

        Includes ordinances necessary for salvation.

BX 8634.1                          Faith. Faith and works.

BX 8634.2                          Repentance and redemption

BX 8634.3                          Baptism

Cf. BX8634.62, Baptism for the dead

BX 8634.4                          Confirmation

                                          Temple work and endowments

Cf. BX8655.81, Temple dedications

Cf. BX8682.1, Temples (Architecture)

BX 8634.5                                General works      

BX 8634.52                              Special temples. By name or place, A-Z

                                          Salvation for the dead

BX 8634.6                                General works

BX 8634.61                              Missionary labors among the dead

BX 8634.62                              Baptism for the dead

BX 8634.63                              Temple work for the dead

    Marriage.  Eternal marriage. Temple marriage

Includes works of advice and counsel to married couples by Mormon authors.

Cf. BX8642.3, family life

BX 8634.7                                General works

BX 8634.71                              Plural marriage

For the doctrine of plural marriage only. For works on the development and social problems relating to the practice of polygamy, see BX8643.9.

Practical Theology

(BX 8640)                    Devotional theology

See also BX 8648.

Moral and ethical beliefs

BX 8641                             General works

BX 8641.1                          Chastity and morality. Sexual ethics

                                          Cf. BX8646.25, Dating

BX 8641.12                              Homosexuality

BX 8641.13                              Pornography

BX 8641.2                          Personal religion. Religiousity. Interpersonal relations

The way in which religion influences personal activities (e.g. church participation, honesty, etc.)


BX 8642                             General works


BX 8642.1                          General works

BX 8642.13                              Family prayer

BX 8642.14                              Blessing of food (grace)

BX 8642.15                              Congregational prayer

Scripture study

See BX8620.07

BX 8642.2                          Fasting

Cf. BX8652.2., Fast offerings

BX 8642.3                          Family life. Parenting. Child rearing

Includes Family Home Evening.

Cf., BX8634.7, Marriage

Cf. BX8642.13, Family prayer

Cf. BX8643.65, Family problems in modern society

BX 8642.32                              Fatherhood

BX 8642.34                              Motherhood

BX 8642.4                          Religious vestments

Includes burial clothes.

BX 8643.64                              Women in the LDS Church. Mormon women

Cf. BX8642.3, Family life

                                    Family problems in modern society

(e.g. divorce, birth control, abortion, adoption, disabled children, child abuse, artificial insemination, single life, etc.)

Cf. BX8642.3, Family life

Cf. BX8634.7, Eternal marriage

BX 8643.65                              General works

BX 8643.651                            Domestic abuse. Child abuse

BX 8643.652                            Adoption

BX 8643.654                            Divorce

BX 8643.658                            Single people

BX 8646.25                              Dating