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Music 260R, 360R HARP: Harp Trios

To help you become familiar with the International Harp Archives at BYU.

Call numbers for Harp Trios

M 302-07: Harp with organ and one other instrument

M 312.4: Harp and two stringed instruments

M 325-329: Piano and two plectral instruments

M 330-334: Piano, one string and one plectral

M 335-339: Piano, one wind and one plectral

M 365-369: Plectral trios

M 370-374: String-plectral trios

M 375-379: Wind-plectral trios

M 380-384: String-wind-plectral trios

M 385-386: Plectral and other combinations of instruments

Follow the same pattern for Quartets, Quintets, Sextets, Septets, Octets and Nonets

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