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The Importance of Creativity

Educational organizations find it increasingly critical to develop creativity in their students.  Innovation has been designated as one of the core skills students need in the 21st century. However, higher education is not as effective at developing these skills in students as it could be. Berland (2012) surveyed 1,000 adult working college graduates in the United States and found that 78% felt creativity to be important to their current career, and 82% wished they had more exposure to creative thinking in school. In addition, 88% felt creativity should be integrated into university curricula, with 71% thinking it should be a class in itself.

There is a critical need to teach and foster basic creative thinking among today’s students, but of particular importance is the need to develop abilities to engage in interdisciplinary collaborative innovation (see example of an innovative course at Worcester Polytechnic Institute). This is because:

  • The problems our graduates will face are typically too large to be solved as individuals.
  • For this reason, collaboration is becoming the norm in many industries.
  • Increasingly, employees are asked to collaborate with team members from a diverse array of disciplines, requiring people to understand how to communicate and work with these various disciplines.

Understanding the important responsibility Brigham Young University has in preparing 21st century problem solvers, the Harold B. Lee library in 2014 dedicated some space to an interdisciplinary design studio where students, faculty, and librarians from multiple colleges and departments could work together on solving compelling social problems. This website explains the nature of this design studio, the design thinking process, and how faculty, librarians, and students can become involved.

How Can Faculty Use the Studio?

First, email Rick West ( or Derek Hansen ( to let us know of your interest. We’d be happy to discuss ideas or possibilities! Then, fill out this form, indicating how your course meets the goals of the Creativity, Innovation, and Design Studio, which are:

  • Involve students and faculty from multiple disciplines in solving interdisciplinary problems
  • Teach and use design thinking processes and principles
  • Serve the world by solving compelling social problems
  • Integrate library resources and collaborate with library personnel

Part of filling out the form will include indicating the size of your class and when you plan to meet and what resources you might require for your class. We will evaluate your request using this rubric and then contact you about the status of your proposal! Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

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