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Creativity, Innovation, and Design Studio: Teach in the Studio

General Information

If you are interested in teaching in the CID Studio, click on this link or fill out the embedded application below this box. In the application, you will need to indicate what days/times your course will meet in the CID Studio. You will also be asked to address how your course meets the goals of the CID Studio, which are:

  • Involve students and faculty from multiple disciplines in solving interdisciplinary problems
  • Teach and use design thinking processes and principles
  • Serve the world by solving compelling social problems
  • ​Collaborate with library personnel and utilize library resources

Plan ahead to present a well-designed course that meets these goals in all areas.

The CID Steering Committee will evaluate your request using this rubric and then contact you about the status of your proposal. The rubric assesses how well each of the four goals above are met from 1 (not at all) to 4 (highly exemplary of this criterion).

Requests will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Using the Space

  • No food is allowed on the fourth floor. 
  • The space is not a "quiet zone" - feel free to talk and work. 
  • The large whiteboards may not be used for saving anything, so feel free to erase when you teach. 
  • There are portable whiteboards in the closet for saving material if you'd like to keep ideas around. 
  • Feel free to adjust the furniture around however you like, but please return it to its original position when finished. 
  • There are a lot of prototyping materials that we hope you take advantage of, but please be sure to use the cutting mats when cutting material. 


  • OIT is testing some new, very large, televisions that allow for wireless projection from multiple devices at a time. These can be very useful for collaborative work in the classroom. 
  • Through the VIA app, iOs and Android devices can share their screen. 
  • Keep in mind, when playing videos through the app there is a slight delay. The HDMI cables work much better for videos. 

HDMI Cables

  • We keep the HDMI cables in the CID office (4722). Just knock on the door and we'll provide one for your class when needed. 

There is a locked closet in the space which holds more prototyping materials such as the cutting knives and hot glue guns. Teachers can use the space to store class projects and white boards as well. There are multiple ways of accessing the closet: 

  1. If you are teaching in the space, you can get a key to the closet for the semester from Matt Armstrong. 
  2. If you send Matt Armstrong a list of your students, they can check out a key anytime from the media center help desk (a four-hour checkout). 
  3. If neither of those work, the CID staff in 4722 all have card access to the closet. 

The CID support staff would be happy to help support your class in any way we can.

If you any technical questions, special requests for materials, or help with furniture don't
hesitate to ask. We're also happy to support your course.

In the past we have held workshops on design thinking and systems design, helped spark
creative approaches and ideas, or have been test subjects for user research.
We're happy to help where we can. 

For questions, contact Matt Armstrong at 

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