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William A. Wilson Folklore Archives: Guides

Guide to the William A. Wilson Folklore Archives

Guides to Folklore Genres

Folklore students at Brigham Young University explore different genres of folklore for the purpose of the folklore archives these are divided into 14 genres: supernatural legends, non-supernatural legends, character legends, etiological legends, human condition legends, contemporary legends, beliefs, songs, personal narratives, folktales/jokes, material culture, customs, games and riddles. At this time each of these genres has its own index. The index includes a call number and a brief description of the item. The items are arranged in categories.

HTML Icon Beliefs

HTML Icon Character Legends

HTML Icon Customs

HTML Icon Etiological Legends

HTML Icon Folktales

PDF Icon Games

HTML Icon Human Condition Legends

HTML Icon Material Lore

HTML Icon Contemporary Legends

HTML Icon Personal Narrative

HTML Icon Riddles

HTML Icon Songs

HTML Icon Students Projects

HTML Icon Supernatural Non-religious Legends

HTML Icon Supernatural Religious Legends