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Dance 140, 240R, 241R: Contemporary Dance: Home

Contemporary Dance Useful Call Numbers

MD 1580  Dance periodicals

 MD 1585  Dictionaries, encyclopedias

MD 1587 Terminology, abbreviations, notations

MD 1588 Philosophy

MD 1597  Dancing as a profession

MD 1782.5 Choreography

MD 1783  Modern or expressionistic dancing

MD 1784  Jazz dance

MD 1785  Biography

MD 1785.8-1786  Dance groups or companies

MD 1798  Gymnastic dancing; rhythmic exercise

Course outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate and articulate an understanding of the elements of dance (energy, space, and time).
  • Students will demonstrate beginning technical ability in the areas of:·flexibility·strength and endurance·control of parallel and turn out positions
  • Students will demonstrate creative problem solving and interpersonal skills through collaborative improvisation and composition experiences
  • Students will articulate an awareness and appreciation of dance as an art form.
  • Students will articulate knowledge of basic modern/contemporary dance history

Google News: Modern Dance

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