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QR Code Information: QR Code Information

Using QR Codes for the Library Audio Tour

What you need to take the Library Audio Tour using QR Codes.

  • Cell Phone with camera (or iPod Touch 4)
  • QR Code reader compatible with the phone (accessible through the App Store or the Android Market, search for "qr code")
  • Web content requires an Internet enabled smart phone (iPhone, BlackBerry, Nexus One, Droid, etc.)
  • Map of the library with QR Code locations available at

Don't forget to take the tour quiz through Blackboard as well as the survey:

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What is a QR Code

QR Codes are two-dimensional matrices that represent text.  Each code can represent a phone number, a URL, a paragraph or any other type of textual information.  QR Codes are very popular in Japan and are used in inventory control.

Below is an example of a QR Code that represents the contact information for the Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University.