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Dance 396: Methods of teaching ballet: About Dance 396

Course information


Fall Odd Yrs.


Dance 390R or equivalent.


Teaching classical ballet from preballet through advanced; includes analysis of Bournonville, Cecchetti, Vaganova, RAD, Kneeland, and SAB methods.

Course outcomes

  • 1. Students will demonstrate a knowledge of ballet class structure and progression between levels by writing an 8-year ballet curriculum.
  • 2. Students will experience practical observation of ballet classes/labs and analyze teachers at work.
  • 3. Students will apply sound musical principles in practical teaching experiences.
  • 4. Students will philosophically and historically analyze each of the major ballet methodologies: Cecchetti, Royal Academy of Dancing, Vaganova, etc.
  • 5. Students will demonstrate a working knowledge (both written and verbal) of ballet French terminology for the technique appropriate for each level of ballet instruction

Performing Arts Librarian

Myrna Layton
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