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Why Use Bloomberg?

Market professionals around the world depend on Bloomberg as their source for real-time market data and news for all market sectors. Bloomberg seamlessly integrates data, news, analytics, multimedia reports, e-mail and trading capabilities into a single platform. Monitor the news of a paricular company, industry or topic, download historical stock prices, compare two stocks or a company to an index, review historical corporate actions of a company, monitor the financial markets around the world, view live news events that are impacting the markets, find members of S&P500 or other equity indexes and create and maintain stock/bond portfolios.

Bloomberg Reservations

We have heard you and have been working on fixing those long waits and lines to use the Bloomberg Terminal. We are pleased to announce the Bloomberg Terminal Reservation System is now up and running.So click the link and make reserve your time slot now!

Usage Policies

The library's Bloomberg terminal is accessible whenever the library building is open (see library hours).

Please reserve the terminal when you use it. If you come to the terminal without a reservation and it is not in use, remember to reserve it before you begin your session-otherwise another person might reserve it and you will be required to give up your seat.

You may only reserve the terminal for one consecutive hour. If, after that time, another person has not reserved the terminal or arrived to use it, you may continue to use it, though you must give up your seat if someone does reserve it.

You can reserve the terminal for more than one hour per day, but please cancel your reservations if you will not be using them.

Only BYU students and employees can reserve the terminal.