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Bloomberg Guide: Key Functions

Bloomberg Instruction and Reference Guides

The Bloomberg Keyboard

The Bloomberg keyboard is color-coded to provide users with quick access to data and functions. 

Yellow Keys - Market Sector Keys        

Green Keys  - Action Keys        

Red Keys - Cancel & Log Off Keys

Keys to know:

Esc/Cancel - Like a normal Escape key, striking it will stop whatever you are doing.

Enter/GO - Like a normal Enter key, use this after every command that you enter.

Print - Prints the current page or enter number of pages you wish to print & Print (ex. 5 Print)

Menu - Navigate from any function back to a menu of related functions.

End/Back - Return to the previous screen. 

Help - Press once to display a description of the current function. Press help twice to email the Bloomberg help desk. 

Bloomberg Guide

Sector Keys

The yellow sector keys are located where the F (function) keys are on a standard keyboard. Enter a term or ticker and then hit and sector key and <GO>.

  • <People>: People search
  • <Govt>: US Treasury and non-US government securities
  • <Corp>: Corporate debt (bonds)
  • <Mtge>: Mortgage-related securities
  • <M-Mkt>: Money market
  • <Muni>: Municipal debt (bonds)
  • <Pfd>: Preferred shares
  • <Equity>: Equity shares
  • <Comdty>: Commodity markets
  • <Index>: Indices
  • <Curncy>: Currency markets