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Helpful Resources to Begin


Sample pages:  Entry in Reid's OGCMA  OGCMA Sources Page  Brill's Reception of Myth entry

General Background Resources

Ways to Search For Books

Try subject alphabetical searching for "mythology, classical in art,"  "mythology, classical in literature," or "mythology, classical in opera," etc.  Also try searching by subject KEYWORD for the character and the medium: icarus literature, odysseus art, etc.

Creating the OGCMA Reference

Format the OGCMA reference as: OGCMA + 4 digit page number + OGCMA article title + _ + artist's last name

Example:  OGCMA0753OdysseusLastVoyageof_Drew for a work by Bernard Drew called "Penelope Forsaken" (for a second time) listed under the OGCMA article "Last Voyage of Odysseus" found on page 753.


If you found a usage not entered in OGCMA, determine the page where the work would have been listed if included, and format the OGCMA reference accordingly including "NOT" after the page number.

Example: For a 1959 film by Marcel Camus called Orfeu Negro (Brazil):  OGCMA0796NOTOrpheusandEurydice_Camus (the item is not listed in OGCMA, but had it been, it would have been entered on page 796 - the entries are chronological).


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