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Helpful Resources to Begin


Sample pages: Brill's Reception of Myth entry,  Entry in Reid's OGCMA  OGCMA Sources Page 

Winter 2018 Assignment Description

Complete the Moog-Grünewald Worksheet

Follow these steps to complete the assignment. Finish by Saturday 13 Jan at 11:00 p.m.

  1. Physically enter the HBLL and go to the 5th Floor Reference desk.
  2. Find this book at the 5th Floor Reference Desk:  The Reception of Myth and Mythology, ed. by M. Moog-Grünewald, Brill’s New Pauly, Supplement no. 4 (Leiden and Boston, 2010) — call no. DE 5 .N513 vol.4. It’s at the Reference Desk for your use!
  3. Open on a computer GoogleSheet called Moog-GrünewaldWorksheet.
        You can find the URL for the spreadsheet either on LearningSuite or our Hompage.
  4. Find the item assigned to you by looking down column A “Who Are You?”
                         This is your assigned item.
  5. Open Moog-Grünewald’s RMM to the article and figure number of your assigned item.
  6. Consulting the information in the RMM caption near your assigned item’s figure and/or in the article nearby, complete the fields in the spreadsheet going across your assigned row. You can look for the rows assigned to RTM (highlighted in peach color) interspersed throughout the spreadsheet as models for how to complete the assignment.
    1. Who Are You? — You shouldn’t need to change anything here.
    2. M-G Article — The M-G is laid out like an encyclopedia, with articles in alphabetical order. You shouldn’t need to change anything here.
    3. M-G fig. # — The item assigned to you corresponds to the figure within the assigned article. You shouldn’t need to change anything here.
    4. Artist — Here you need to enter the name of the artist responsible for the work depicted in your assigned figure. IMPORTANT: write the name Lastname, Firstnames — e.g. DaVinci, Leonardo.
    5. Title of work — Give the title just as the M-G caption gives it.
    6. Year — The M-G caption identifies the year (or range of years) for the composition of the work depicted. Write the date in full four-digit format — e.g. “1960” or “1972-1975”.
    7. Medium — Look into the caption for the details of the format — e.g. “oil on canvas” or “acrylic sculpture with wood insets” or whatever the caption says.
    8. From a cycle/series — Here you may not have any information readily provided. Look in the M-G caption or in the article where something is mentioned about the work. The author may state something like “a painting in the artist’s Bob Dylan portrait cycle” or something like that. If there’s no information provided, don’t sweat the detail.
    9. Owner/publication — This is an important bit of data. If the artwork is owned by a museum, note the museum by City, Museum, Collection, Acquisition Number… giving whatever information is readily provided in the M-G entry.
    10. Description — Here you need to improvise … or borrow the details given in the M-G caption. If you quote the M-G, put the description in quote marks; if, however, you summarize the description in your own words, don’t use quote marks.
    11. OGCMA? — This is the trickiest of all the fields. I would like for you to check in the Oxford Guide to Classical Mythology in the Arts to tell me whether your assigned artwork is in the OGCMA. If it is, then note the page number for the entry. If not — and you have double checked — please write “NO” in column K.
    12. Visual link? — This is not so tricky, but necessary. Please browse on-line to see whether you can find a URL for a high-quality image of your assigned work. Look in Wikipedia Commons or, better, on the websites of the owning institutions.

General Background Resources

Ways to Search For Books

Try subject alphabetical searching for "mythology, classical in art,"  "mythology, classical in literature," or "mythology, classical in opera," etc.  Also try searching by subject KEYWORD for the character and the medium: icarus literature, odysseus art, etc.


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