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Welcome to the Electrical Engineering Subject Page. In the tabs above you will find all kinds of useful information to help you with your research.

If you would like additional help, please feel free to contact me or the science reference desk.

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Writing a Paper?

The basic strategy for writing a paper is:

1. First, use the "Background Sources" tab above to search encyclopedias and handbooks for things you'll need to get STARTed. Such as:
   S = subtopics   (find areas to narrow your focus within your research area)
   T = terminology   (find keywords to search in databases)
   A = authors   (perform your due diligence and reference significant researchers)
   R = references   (start compiling references to articles, books, etc.)
   T = treatment   (historical review, experimental analysis, economic review?)
2. Second, use the article databases in the "Get Journal Articles" tab above to get primary and secondary level articles that will support your literature review and provide your core references.

3. Third, use the "Bibliographic Help" tab to learn about peer-review, literature levels, and reference styles. Here, you can get RefWorks software and create your bibliographies automatically.

All of the above is facilitated from within this Subject Guide. From here, you can pretty much get all the info you need to explore your topic, get articles, prepare references, and start writing!

For additional information on elements of research, writing your paper, and writing styles, see the Step by Step Research Guide

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