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Construction Law: Searching Tips

Boolean Operators

When searching databases it is beneficial to use what is called Boolean Logic. This is a simple way to tell a database what words or phrases you do want and don't want. The basic Boolean commands are "AND", "OR", & "NOT".




Putting It Together

Other Useful Operators

Wild Card Truncation: equat*  - This will return words starting with “equat” with any ending.  Ie. equation, equations, equating, equate . . .

Parenthesis: ()  - Nesting Logic for Boolean Operators. Ie. (Cats AND Dogs) OR Birds

Quotations “ ”  - Makes a searchable exact phrase instead of searching words in any order or placement


EXAMPLE 1: Kitten* OR Pupp*

              Will return results that have any word starting with Kitten or any word starting with Pupp.

EXAMPLE 2: Kitten* AND Pupp*

              Will return results that have both a word starting with Kitten & a word starting with Pupp.

EXAMPLE 3: Pupp* NOT Puppet*

Will return results that contain a word starting with Pupp but exclude documents that contain Puppet or Puppets