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Bloomberg Guide: Getting Started

Bloomberg Instruction and Reference Guides

Getting Started

Watch these video tutorials from Babson College to learn the basic Bloomberg interface. Mouse over the links to see descriptions of the tutorials.Logging into Bloomberg ; Create Your Bloomberg Login ; Bloomberg Help Functions ; Messaging Between Users & the Help Desk ; Finding Company Information ; Finding Index Information ; Finding News 

Or these video tutorials from BYU: Bloomberg Certification  and Bloomberg Data Wizard

Keyboard Basics

Many keys automatically do something, but you must hit the <GO> (Enter) key to execute other commands.  To see the Windows Start Menu and use other programs hover over the bottom of the left screen and the Taskbar will appear. 

  • <DEFAULT>:  Log off.  Or type OFF <GO>.
  • <ESC>:  Return home.
  • <HELP>:  Search for information, e.g. type Warren Buffet <HELP> and you’ll get a list of areas within Bloomberg where those terms appear.  Don't know a ticker?  Type the company name and hit <HELP>.  Hitting <HELP> twice opens a chat box, where a Bloomberg employee will assist you.
  • <MENU>:  Works like the Back button on an internet browser.  At the home page it brings up a basic menu.

Common Commands


ANR < GO >:  Analysts' recommendations and ratings.

BBT < GO >:  Bloomberg Bondtrader® monitors bid and offer prices for bills, notes, bonds, and interest rate swaps from 17 dealers.

BETA < GO >:  Historical Beta calculations.

BLP < GO >:  Bloomberg Launchpad.

CACT < GO >:  Corporate action calendar, e.g. stock buyback announcements in the past week.

CBQ < GO >:  Country quotes, an overview of facts, figures, and markets in the chosen country.

DES < GO >:  The description page of a company.

DOCS < GO >:  Access documentation files.

DSRC < GO >:  Search for companies by description.   Create a portfolio/basket.

EASY < GO >:  Tips and shortcuts.

ECO < GO >:  Reports on the economy.

ECST < GO >:  Economic statistics.

EE < GO >:  Earnings estimates.

EIU < GO >:  Reports from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

FA < GO >:  Financial analysis templates for the selected company.

FUND < GO >:  Main menu for funds and holdings.

FXIP < GO >:  Foreign exhange information platform.

G < GO >:  Graph functions.  GP <GO> to graph price.

GICS < GO >:  Global industry classification system for browsing for companies by industry.

GRAB < GO >:  Email a screenshot.  Alternatively, just left-click and drag.  The box you create is automatically copied to the computer's clipboard.  Or right-click for more options.

HCPI < GO >:  Historical prices and percentage changes.

IGPO < GO >:  Intraday price graph.  MGIP for multiple securities.

MA < GO >:  Details of current and historical mergers and acquisitions.

MANU < GO >:  Access users manuals.

N < GO >:  News.  TOP <GO> presents top news stories.

PBSK < GO >:  Create a portfolio or basket of securities.  You can then treat it like an index, getting price charts and history.

PGEO < GO >:  From an equity’s home page this will allow you to segment the company’s financials by products, brands, and geographies.

QSRC < GO >:  Custom equity search (screener) using fundamental and technical data.  Create a portfolio/basket.

RV < GO >:  Peer group analysis.

(ticker) <Equity>  (ticker) <Equity> < GO >:  To compare two stocks.

YCRV < GO >:  Display fair market yield curves.

Sector Keys

The yellow sector keys are located where the F (function) keys are on a standard keyboard.  Enter a term or ticker and then hit the sector key and <GO>.

  •   <People>:  People search.
  •  <Govt>:  US Treasury and non-US government securities
  • <Corp>:  Corporate debt (bonds) 
  • <Mtge>:  Mortgage-related securities
  • <M-Mkt>:  Money market
  • <Muni>:  Municipal debt (bonds)
  • <Pfd>:  Preferred Shares 
  • <Equity>:  Equity Shares
  • <Comdty>:  Commodity Markets
  • <Index>:  Indices
  • <Curncy>:  Currency Markets

Cheat Sheets for Launchpads

Launchpad allows you to create your own customizable desktop to track securities, news and charts.

BPL < GO > will get you started OR hit the LPAD key on the Bloomberg keyboard