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German 330: Time Periods

Works for Specific Time Periods

Works in neighboring eras may offer additional information.  

Items designated Hum Ref are located on shelves near the Humanities Reference Help Desk on level 5.   Soc Sci Ref items are located on level 1 on shelves near the Social Sciences/Education Reference Help Desk.

800, 1200
Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages: Print at Hum Ref CB 351 .E5313x 2000
Key Figures in Medieval Europe:  Hum Ref D 115 .K49 2006

Medieval Germany: an Encyclopedia:  Hum Ref DD 126 .M43 2001

Historical Dictionary of Renaissance Art: Hum Ref N 6370. Z57 2008
Northern Renaissance Art: Hum Ref N 6370 .S6 2005 Excellent Dürer resources; many pictures.

Baroque Art: Hum Ref N 6415 .B3 E18 1996
Baroque & Rococo Architecture: NA 590 .M5
(Level 5 Circulating Shelves)
"Baroque Literature in Germany" in Arts & Humanities Through the Eras Includes a discussion about the Fruchtbringende (Fruit-Bearing) Gesellschaft.
Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft Die Mitglieder 1617-1650: PT 279 .F8 1985b Bd. 3 (Level 5 Circulating Shelves)  Lists members of the Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft with biographical information for each person.
Im Garten der Palme: Kleinodien aus dem unbekannten Barock: die Fruchbringende Gesellschaft und ihre Zeit: PT 279 .F8 I42x 1992 (Level 5 Circulating Shelves)

Historical Dictionary of Neoclassical Art and Architecture:  Hum Ref N 6425 .N4 P35 2011
Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment, edited by Alan Charles Kors: Available in print at Soc Sci Ref B802 .E53 2002
Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment by Peter Hanns Reil & Ellen Judy Wilson:  Hum Ref B 802 .W48 2004

Deutsches Wörterbuch von Jacob und Wilhelm Grimm: Available in print at Hum Ref PF 3625 .G7 (Level 5)
Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era: Hum Ref 452.5 .R64 E53 2004

The Encyclopedia of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars: a Political, Social, and Military History: Soc Sci Ref DC 220 .E53 2006
The Annotated Brothers Grimm by Maria Tater: PT 921 .K5613 2004 (Level 5 Circulating Shelves)
Grimms' Märchen:
PT 921 .G6 1963 (Level 5 Circulating Shelves)

Encyclopedia of the Romantic Era:  Hum Ref NX452.5 .R64 E53 2004
The Communist Manifesto : a Road Map to History's Most Important Political DocumentAvailable in Print at HX 273 .M24613 2005 (Level 1 Circulating Shelves)
How to Read Marx by Peter Osborne: HX 39.5 .O77 2006
(Level 1 Circulating Shelves)

Anti-Semitism: A Historical Encyclopedia:  Soc Sci Ref DS 146 .E8 A58 2005
Historical Dictionary of Nietzcheanism: Hum Ref B 3311 .D54 2007

Franz Kafka Encyclopedia: Hum Ref PT 2621 .A26 Z7173 2005 (Franz Kafka's works begin with call # PT 2621 .A26)
The Freud Encyclopedia: Soc Sci Ref BF 173 .F6176 2001
Historical Dictionary of Germany’s Weimar Republic: Soc Sci Ref DD 84 .V56 1997

For Holocaust Material click on the tab above labelled "Holocaust."

Cold War: A Student Encyclopedia: Soc Sci Ref D 843 .C577247 2008  
DDR-Lexikon: Soc Sci Ref DD 280.4 .C37 2009     
Lexikon der deutschsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur:  Hum Ref PT 401 .L562x 2003
Sprache in der DDR: ein Wörterbuch: Hum Ref PF 3630 .W65 2000
Metzler Lexikon DDR-Literatur:   Hum Ref PT 3702 .M48x 2009  

Duden: Die deutsche Rechtschreibung (see section on the reform in book's front matter): Hum Ref PF 3073 .D8 Bd. 1 2006
Historical Dictionary of German Cinema:  Hum Ref PN 1993.5 .G3 R417 2008
Capital Dilemma: Germany's Search for a New Architecture of Democracy: Also available in print at NA 1085 .W58 1998 (Level 5 Circulating Shelves)