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Music 665: Organ Pedagogy: Organ Repertoire

Suggested books

There are more books to be found at ML 600. Many of them are in GERMAN.

Browse for scores, CDs, DVDs for solo organ

M 6 - collections of organ music, two or more composers

M 7 - collections of original compositions of organ music, one composer, arranged alphabetically by composer

M 8 - sonatas

M 8.5 - symphonies

M 9 - suites and variations

M 10 - fugues, with or without preludes

M 11.2 - pedal pieces

M 12 - collections of works arranged for the organ

M 14 - organ accompaniments

M 14.3 - liturgical music

M 14.4 - special seasonal music: .C5 Christmas ; .E2 Easter, etc.

M 14.8 - works for electronic organ

M 15-19 - works for harmonium (reed organ)

M 1375 - organ music for children

Browse for scores, CDs, DVDs for ensembles with organ

M 182-186 - duets: organ and one other instrument

M 190-195 - duets: harmonium and one other instrument

M 300-304 - trios: organ and two other instruments

M 305-309 - trios: harmonium and two other instruments

M 400-404  - quartets: organ and three other instruments

M 405-409 - quartets: harmonium and three other instruments

Follow the same pattern for quintets (M 500), sextets (M 600), septets (M 700), octets (M 800) and nonets (M 900).

M 1005 - solo organ with orchestra

M 1006 - reduction: solo organ with piano

M 1108 - solo organ with string orchestra

M 1109 - reduction: solo organ with piano

M 2003 - oratorios with piano or organ accompaniment

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Featured Video Clip

Featuring pedal work for Ave Maria, by Bach - Gounod.
performed by Maestro Hector Olivera,
ORGANIST - The Servant of God, Indonesian Group of Young Church Organists.