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Music 665: Organ Pedagogy: Organ Repertoire

Reference Works

From the Circulating Collection

There are more books to be found at ML 600. Many of them are in GERMAN.

Browse for scores, CDs, DVDs for solo organ

M 6 - collections of organ music, two or more composers

M 7 - collections of original compositions of organ music, one composer, arranged alphabetically by composer

M 8 - sonatas

M 8.5 - symphonies

M 9 - suites and variations

M 10 - fugues, with or without preludes

M 11.2 - pedal pieces

M 12 - collections of works arranged for the organ

M 14 - organ accompaniments

M 14.3 - liturgical music

M 14.4 - special seasonal music: .C5 Christmas ; .E2 Easter, etc.

M 14.8 - works for electronic organ

M 15-19 - works for harmonium (reed organ)

M 1375 - organ music for children

Browse for scores, CDs, DVDs for ensembles with organ

M 182-186 - duets: organ and one other instrument

M 190-195 - duets: harmonium and one other instrument

M 300-304 - trios: organ and two other instruments

M 305-309 - trios: harmonium and two other instruments

M 400-404  - quartets: organ and three other instruments

M 405-409 - quartets: harmonium and three other instruments

Follow the same pattern for quintets (M 500), sextets (M 600), septets (M 700), octets (M 800) and nonets (M 900).

M 1005 - solo organ with orchestra

M 1006 - reduction: solo organ with piano

M 1108 - solo organ with string orchestra

M 1109 - reduction: solo organ with piano

M 2003 - oratorios with piano or organ accompaniment

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Featured Video Clip

Featuring pedal work for Ave Maria, by Bach - Gounod.
performed by Maestro Hector Olivera,
ORGANIST - The Servant of God, Indonesian Group of Young Church Organists.