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Government Documents: Family History Resources



Genealogy Resources in Government Documents


C 1.2: OF 3

Officers and Employees of the Dept. of Commerce and Labor, 1908.

CS 1.31:

Official Register of the United States (Lists civilian and military employees 1820-1959, various years.)

D 12.2: OF 2/977

General Officers of the Army and Air National Guard

D 12.8/2:

Air National Guard Register

D 12.9:

National Guard Army and Air Force Register

D 101.43:

Army Reserve Magazine (1954-99) Also online at

D 101.47:

Army Aviation Digest 1955-94-discontinued

D 102.2: C 74

The Congressional Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Distinguished Service Medal

D 102.2: D 35/927

Decorations United States Army, 1862-1926

D 102.2: G 28/3

General Orders War Department

D 102.9:

Army Registers (bound 1789-1903, and various other years from 1844-1976)

D 102.44: 919

Official List of Officers of the Officers Reserve Corps

D 201.2: M 26/861-949

Medal of Honor 1861-1949, Navy (names and biographies of recipients)

D 203.7:

Air Force Register

D 207.10/2: SU 1/2

U.S. Submarine Losses WWII (ship, list of names, some photos)

D 207.17:

All Hands Navy Journal (1945-present)

D 208.2: OF 2

Officers and Enlisted Men of the United States Naval Service who died during the World War, 1920

D 208.12:

Register of Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the Navy of the United States including Marine Corps

D 208.12/3

Register of Retired Commissioned and Warrant Officers of the U.S. Navy

D 214.11:

Officers in the Marine Corps Reserve

D 214.13:

Historical publications

D 214.14/2 and D 214.15

United States Marine Corps Histories

D 303.7:

 Air Force Register

GS 4.13: 15

Territorial Papers of the United States 1787-1848 (Index includes names, petitions and memorials.)

M 118.2: M 46

The Medal of Honor of the United States Army

N 17.2: M 46/862-910

Record of Medals of Honor: Bluejackets and Marines

TD 5.19:

Register of Officers and Cadets (U.S. Coast Guard)

TD 5.19/2:

Register of Reserve Officers (U.S. Coast Guard)

W 49.24/2: OF 1920

Officers and Enlisted Men of the United States Navy who died during the World War

X 449

Congressional Record. Army Promotions, Persioners, Military Units, Pay, Invalid Pensions and Deaths

Y 4.V 64/4: M 46/3/863-978

Medal of Honor Recipients 1863-1978



Serial Set Sources



American State Papers: Public Lands.  Nearly 80,000 diverse claims to land in early America (1789-1837).  Generally has valuable data such as: ages of claimants; previous places of habitation; names of children, wives, and other relatives, exact location of claims; and the time period of “cultivation and habitation.”


1883 Federal Pensioner List (47-2) Senate Executive Doc 85


Army and Navy Registers for 1896-House Documents 76,77 (microfiche)


Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army )1789-1903)


Report of the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers 1905 (59-1) House Doc 81


Official Army Register (1916) House Doc 144 (64-1)


Army Register (65-3)


Battle Deaths in the Great War (66-1) Senate Doc 40

#9185 & #9191

Pilgrimage of Mothers and Widows of Soldiers and Sailors (71-2)


Reprint Document on Pilgrimage of Mothers and Widows to Europe (71-2) House Doc 87