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SFL 315: Effective Writing and Presenting: Student Publishing

A research guide with resources to direct you to the most relevant databases and tools to write effectively.

Recent Student Publications

Elise Clements (2019, September 13). Why Breakups Are Hard and What You Can Do About It. (Main Article) Forever Families. 

Elise Clements (2019, September 13). Why Breakups Are Hard and What You Can Do About It. (Extended Article) Forever Families.

Heather Smith & Alan J. Hawkins (2019, September 11). National Survey Reveals Generational Differences in Consensual Non-monogamy. Institute for Family Studies.

Mckell Wall (2019, August 28). How Creating a “Secret Space” for Your Family Can Help Balance Social Media Use. LDS Living.

Sammi Trujillo, Jenet Erickson, & Jeffrey Dew (2019, August 6). Does Financial Deception in Marriage Affect Relationship Quality? Institute for Family Studies.

Sammi Trujillo & Jenet Erickson (2016, August 4). Guest Opinion: Don’t Believe What You Hear—Money Isn’t the Leading Cause of Divorce. Deseret News

Laurel Bishop: The Unsuspected Bully (2019, August 2). United Families International.

Sammi Trujillo: The Benefits of Older Adult Group Activities (2019, June 29). The Good Men Project.

Sammi Trujillo (2019, June 22). Getting your Marriage Retirement-Ready Now. Healthy Humans Project.

Kaelie Landon (2019, May 9). Helping Teens Choose Good Media (main article). Forever Families

Kaelie Landon (2019, May 9). Helping Teens Choose Good Media (LDS article). Forever Families

Hailey Palmer (2019, May 8). Changing Marriage Attitudes and Mental Health Among Youth: What Could This Mean for Relationship Education? The Relationship Educator Blog.

Lily Carroll (2019, May 1). Negative Media Messaging: Adolescent Girls and Self-objectification. Forever Families. 

Mariah Sanders (2018-2019). The Social Media Diet. Stance: Studies on the Family, pp. 39-44.

Joshua Timmons (2018-2019). Gratitude: Key to Marital Bliss? Stance: Studies on the Family, pp. 49-52.

Jacey Wahlquist (2018-2019). The Cutting Moments that Form Family Unity. Stance: Studies on the Family, pp. 62-65.

Hailey Palmer (2019, April 10). How or Why Does Relationship Education Work? A Summary of 6 Years of RE Research. The Relationship Educator Blog.

Brenna Hess (2019, April).  Parental Differential Treatment: Watching How We Treat Our Children. Forever Families.

Amber Thronton Rodriguez (2019, April). Pornography in Anxious Relationships. Forever Families.

Hailey Palmer (Spring 2019). Changing the Perfectionistic Mind. Family Connections (pages 17-18).

Jacob Gossner (Spring 2019). The Stories of Depression. Family Connections (pages 19-20).

Riley Whiting (Spring 2019). Healing and Hope through a BYU Education. Family Connections (pages 22-23).

Mary Buckley (Spring 2019). Book Review: A Better Way to Teach Kids About Sex. Family Connections (pages 24-25).

Hailey Palmer & Alan J. Hawkins (2019, March 27). Who Benefits Most from Relationship Education? A Review of Recent Relationship Education Research. The Relationship Educator Blog.

Laura Thackeray & Brenna Poggemann (2019, February 12). How Mobile Devices Can Interrupt Romantic Relationships. Forever Families

Allie Stites (2019, January 31). Fortifying Romantic Relationships by Healing from the Past. Forever Families

Ronde Walch (2019, January 16). Can We Not Talk About Sex Right Now? United Families International. 

Laura Waters  (2019, January 8). Human Connections and Healing from Trauma. United Families International.

Kaelie Lemmon (2019, January 2). Love: The Greatest Motivation to Change. United Families International. 

Mariah Sanders (2018, December 20). Family – When Less May Not be More. United Families International.

Hailey Palmer & Alan J. Hawkins (2018, December 19). Counteracting Negative Effects of Cohabitation for Couples and Children through RE. Relationship Educator Blog

Jacob Rogers & Jeremy Yorgason (2018, November 28). Longevity Secrets of Utah Centenarians. Public Health Post (Boston University). 

Sammi Trujillo (2018, October 30). Knowledge is Power: My Fight Against Postpartum OCD. Institute for Family Studies