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SFL 315: Effective Writing and Presenting: Student Publishing

A research guide with resources to direct you to the most relevant databases and tools to write effectively.

Recent Student Publications

9 Dec 2019  |  Rachel Slade: Relationship Sabotage in Adults with Low Self-Esteem from Attachment Trauma in Childhood. Family Perspectives.

9 Dec 2019  |  Ronde Walch and Alyssa Sabey: Parental Monitoring of Adolescent Social Media Use and Emotional Regulation. Family Perspectives.

9 Dec 2019  |  Kaylin Cash: How Supportive and Maladaptive Parental Responses toward Adolescent Emotions May Affect Adolescent Depressive Symptoms. Family Perspectives.

9 Dec 2019  |  McKell Jorgensen and Laura Waters Black: The “Safe Adventure” of Sex. Family Perspectives.

9 Dec 2019  |  Jessica Caldwell: The Positive Power of Grief. Family Perspectives.

9 Dec 2019  |  Heather Smith: Empowerment through the Battle of Mental Illness. Family Perspectives.

9 Dec 2019  |  Emma Allen and Madisen Bird: The Value of Vulnerability in Relationships. Family Perspectives.

9 Dec 2019  |  Kelsey Hamilton: What to Do When Body Image Interrupts Sexual Satisfaction. Family Perspectives.

9 Dec 2019  |  Janessa McQuivey: Treading the Waters of Chronic Illness. Family Perspectives.

9 Dec 2019  |  Cassie Knight: Uncovering Millennial Marriage. Family Perspectives.

9 Dec 2019  |  Kaelie Crockett: Time for a Wake-Up Call: How Problematic Phone Use Impacts Emerging Adults. Family Perspectives.

9 Dec 2019  |  Megan Gale: Applying Grace to Improve Mental Health for Young Adults. Family Perspectives.

9 Dec 2019  |  Mariah Sanders, Julie H. Haupt, Jeffrey Dew, Tim Smith: Can Faith Fortify Fidelity? Institute for Family Studies.

25 Nov 2019  |  Emma Todd: Grown-up Christmas List: Negotiating Family Holiday Traditions. Family Today.

25 Nov 2019  |  Lisa P. Dixon: Creating a Home with a Growth Mindset. Family Today.

25 Nov 2019  |  Megan Clifford: Raising an Empathetic Child. Family Today.

25 Nov 2019  |  Pamela Love: 6 Steps to More Family Connection. Family Today.

25 Nov 2019  |  Zach Gehring: Enhancing Story Time. Family Today.

21 Nov 2019  |  Kaelie Crockett: 3 Simple Ways to Get Your Teen’s Attention. Family Today.

3 Nov 2019  |  Heather Smith & Alan J. Hawkins: “Is There a Battle of the Sexes in “Consensual” Non-Monogamy? Public Discourse.

13 Sept 2019  |  Elise Clements: Why Breakups Are Hard and What You Can Do About It. (Main Article) Forever Families. 

13 Sept 2019  |  Elise Clements: Why Breakups Are Hard and What You Can Do About It. (Extended Article) Forever Families.

11 Sept 2019  |  Heather Smith & Alan J. Hawkins: National Survey Reveals Generational Differences in Consensual Non-monogamy. Institute for Family Studies.

28 Aug 2019  |  Mckell Wall: How Creating a “Secret Space” for Your Family Can Help Balance Social Media Use. LDS Living.

6 Aug 2019  |  Sammi Trujillo, Jenet Erickson, & Jeffrey Dew: Does Financial Deception in Marriage Affect Relationship Quality? Institute for Family Studies.

4 Aug 2019  |  Sammi Trujillo & Jenet Erickson: Guest Opinion: Don’t Believe What You Hear—Money Isn’t the Leading Cause of Divorce. Deseret News

2 Aug 2019  |  Laurel Bishop: The Unsuspected Bully. United Families International.

29 June 2019  |  Sammi Trujillo: The Benefits of Older Adult Group Activities. The Good Men Project.

22 June 2019  |  Sammi Trujillo: Getting your Marriage Retirement-Ready Now. Healthy Humans Project.

9 May 2019  |  Kaelie Landon: Helping Teens Choose Good Media (main article). Forever Families

9 May 2019  |  Kaelie Landon: Helping Teens Choose Good Media (LDS article). Forever Families

8 May 2019  |  Hailey Palmer: Changing Marriage Attitudes and Mental Health Among Youth: What Could This Mean for Relationship Education? The Relationship Educator Blog.

1 May 2019  |  Lily Carroll: Negative Media Messaging: Adolescent Girls and Self-objectification. Forever Families. 

Mariah Sanders (2018-2019). The Social Media Diet. Stance: Studies on the Family, pp. 39-44.

Joshua Timmons (2018-2019). Gratitude: Key to Marital Bliss? Stance: Studies on the Family, pp. 49-52.

Jacey Wahlquist (2018-2019). The Cutting Moments that Form Family Unity. Stance: Studies on the Family, pp. 62-65.

10 April 2019  |  Hailey Palmer: How or Why Does Relationship Education Work? A Summary of 6 Years of RE Research. The Relationship Educator Blog.

April 2019  |  Brenna Hess: Parental Differential Treatment: Watching How We Treat Our Children. Forever Families.

April 2019  |  Amber Thronton Rodriguez: Pornography in Anxious Relationships. Forever Families.

Spring 2019  |  Hailey Palmer: Changing the Perfectionistic Mind. Family Connections (pages 17-18).

Spring 2019  |  Jacob Gossner: The Stories of Depression. Family Connections (pages 19-20).

Spring 2019  |  Riley Whiting: Healing and Hope through a BYU Education. Family Connections (pages 22-23).

Spring 2019  |  Mary Buckley: Book Review: A Better Way to Teach Kids About Sex. Family Connections (pages 24-25).

27 March 2019  |  Hailey Palmer & Alan J. Hawkins: Who Benefits Most from Relationship Education? A Review of Recent Relationship Education Research. The Relationship Educator Blog.

12 Feb 2019  |  Laura Thackeray & Brenna Poggemann: How Mobile Devices Can Interrupt Romantic Relationships. Forever Families

31 Jan 2019  |  Allie Stites: Fortifying Romantic Relationships by Healing from the Past. Forever Families

16 Jan 2019  |  Ronde Walch: Can We Not Talk About Sex Right Now? United Families International. 

8 Jan 2019  |  Laura Waters: Human Connections and Healing from Trauma. United Families International.

2 Jan 2019  |  Kaelie Lemmon: Love: The Greatest Motivation to Change. United Families International. 

20 Dec 2018  |  Mariah Sanders: Family – When Less May Not be More. United Families International.

19 Dec 2018  |  Hailey Palmer & Alan J. Hawkins: Counteracting Negative Effects of Cohabitation for Couples and Children through RE. Relationship Educator Blog

28 Nov 2018  |  Jacob Rogers & Jeremy Yorgason: Longevity Secrets of Utah Centenarians. Public Health Post (Boston University). 

30 Oct 2018  |  Sammi Trujillo: Knowledge is Power: My Fight Against Postpartum OCD. Institute for Family Studies