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SFL 261: Consumerism and the Market: Consumer Research

A helpful guide to consumer research for SFL 261

Internet Resources

Chapter 1 – Consumers in a Changing World

Chapter 2 – The Consumer Movement

Chapter 4 – Consumer Protection and Law

Chapter 5 – Government Protection, Consumer Groups, and the Media

Chapter 6 – Brands, Buying Process, and Product Development

Chapter 7 – Decision Making and Advertising

Chapter 8 – Food and Water Issues

Chapter 9 – Health and Wellness Issues

Chapter 10 – Sustainability and Safety

Chapter 11 – The Internet, Technology, and Identity Theft

Chapter 12 – Being a Better Consumer of Housing and Vehicles

Chapter 13 – Banking, Debt, and Credit Issues

Chapter 14 – Insurance and Investment Issues

Chapter 15 – Issues, Ethics, and Globalization

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