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Data: Home


This guide provides resources for all parts of the research process involving data. Learn how to:

  • Plan:  What is data? What type of data do I need? Where can I get help?
  • Find:  Where can I find statistics and datasets? What strategies should I use for searching?
  • Clean: How do I clean and prepare data before using it?
  • Analyze & Visualize:  How do I interpret and draw conclusions from data? How can I use it to tell a story? What resources are available?
  • Manage & Preserve:  How can I organize and keep track of large datasets? How do I create a data management plan?
  • Share:  How do I determine the credibility of data? How do I evaluate others' interpretations? How do I cite data? Can I share data?

Research Data Lifecycle

Social Science Data Librarian

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Maggie Marchant
(801) 422-3924

STEM Data Librarian

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Paul Robbins
2316 HBLL
(801) 422-4903

Humanities Data Librarian

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Elizabeth Smart