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ELing 526 - Middle English (Don Chapman): Start Here

For Don Chapman's Middle English Class

Books to Review

Look through some of the books listed below to learn more details about a Middle English construction, then do research about that construction and write a report.  Use the Find Articles and Find Books pages on this guide to find materials for your research and report.


The Cambridge History of the English Language - Volume 2, edited by Norman Blake, (Cambridge University Press, 1991-2001).    Call# PE 1072 .C36 1992 Vol. 2

A History of the English Language, edited by Richard Hogg and David Denison, (Cambridge University Press, 2006).
PE 1075 .H57 2006 

An Outline of Middle English Grammar, by Karl Brunner and translated by Grahame Johnston, (Oxford University Press, 1963). Call# PE 531 .B78x 1965

Handbook of Middle English Grammar: Phonology, R. Jordan and translated and revised by E.J. Crook, (The Hague, 1974). Call# PE 540 .J613 1974

A Handbook of Middle English, by Fernand Mosse and translated by James A. Walker, (Baltimore 1968). 
Call# PE 535 .M62 1968

A Middle English Syntax, Part I: Parts of Speech, by Tauno F. Mustanoja, (Helsinki, 1960)Call# PE 613 .M87x 1960

An Historical Study of English, by Jeremy Smith, (London, 1996).  Call# PE 1075 .S45 1996

Essentials of Early English, by Jeremy Smith, (London ,1999).  Call# PE 1101 .S58 1999

A History of English, by Barbara M.H. Strang, (London, 1970).  Call# PE 1075 .S85

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