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Music 204 & 308: Jazz: About Jazz

Streaming Jazz

Library Call Numbers for Jazz

MT 68 - improvisation

MT 68 .A32 -- Jamey Aebersold Jazz series

MT 239 - jazz piano instruction

MT 1366 - jazz ensembles

ML 3506 - ML 3509 - jazz history and criticism

For individual instruments, use a keyword search. For example: Jazz Improvisation and Bassoon

Reference works: a sampling...

 Why reference books? topical summaries help you generate ideas / bibliographies point you to previous research 

Music and Dance Librarian

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Research Ideas

Jazz music research can involve historical, archival, ethnographic and even virtual methods. 

Need ideas?

To come up with research questions for your project, ask yourself:

  • Why is this music important?
  • To whom is this music important?
  • What kinds of ideological messages does this music communicate?
  • What is striking about the way the music is organized?

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