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REL 324-REL 325: The Doctrine and Covenants: Top Resources

A guide to help students on their research projects for REL 324-325: The Doctrine and Covenants.

Philosophy and Church History/Doctrine Librarian

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Gerrit van Dyk
Click the button to set up a short research consultation with me or feel free to email me your questions. I will help in whatever way I can!

Background on a D&C Section

Use this website to find the original manuscripts which became the D&C, along with some historical background on those manuscripts.

Background on a Church Doctrine or Event

Use this Church website to learn more about a Church doctrine or event.

Find Speeches by a Church Leader about a Doctrine

Use this database to search across General Conference sermons from 1851-Present.

Find a Biography of a Church Historical Figure

Use the search box dropdown, select Subject, then enter the name of the person you are researching; use a second box, also Subject, and enter “biography.”

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