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Vinyl LP Records: Home

Vinyl LP Records at the BYU Library

The BYU Library has vinyl records available for checkout. The records are housed in a room on the fourth level of the library. Staff at the 4th North Help Desk will retrieve the records and check them out to library patrons. If the 4th North Help Desk is closed, patrons may make requests at the 3rd Level General Help Desk.

Patrons may take the records home to listen to on their own record players or they can use the record player located at one of the listening stations near the 4th North Help Desk.

Handling Vinyl Records

When handling vinyl records, only touch the edge and the center label of records. Please do not touch the playing surface (grooves). When cleaning records, gently clean using a record cleaning brush or anti-static microfiber cloth.

Please do not return vinyl records into a book drop. Instead, return records by handing them to a General Help Desk employee (Main floor, Level 3 North).


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Myrna Layton
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