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Andy's Top 7

Company: Mergent
Global: Euromonitor
Industry: IBIS World
Marketing: Mintel
News: Factiva
Scholarship: EBSCO BSP
Statistics: Statista

New: Mintel Trends


Announcing Mintel Trends!

What's cool, new, or quirky, and how will it impact the markets you care about?

Mintel’s researchers examine 80 trends affecting consumers today, swapping out old trends for new ones regularly.

Mintel Trends is a great way to spot innovations and opportunities. We're pleased to add it to the in-depth market research we already get through Mintel Reports.

Panjiva: Detailed Supply Chain Data

How do Walmart's buyers identify suppliers? And who actually makes Under Armour's shirts?

Based on bills of lading, Panjiva shows what is coming into ports, how much, where it's coming from, and who is sending and receiving. It's the perfect supply chain tool for supplier identification, screening, and selection projects. Also good for researching competitors' imports and exports, or global trade trends.

Introducing Pronunciator!

Whether you're planning on Study Abroad, or just need a supplement to your business language course, Pronunciator can help.

Pronunciator provides self-guided learning for 80 languages including some business vocabulary and a unit on job interviews. Create a username and you can design custom courses. It even does a decent job evaluating and correcting your pronunciation.

Pronunciator also has apps for mobile.

Direct Access to the Economist


The library now provides direct access to The Economist.

This is the easiest way to browse current issues. If you want to do more intensive research, use ProQuest for issues since 1992, and use the Gale archive to go all the way back to the beginning in 1843.

International Trade Centre


ITC enhances the transparency of global trade and market access.

An easy tool for commodity statistics by product group or by country, ITC also provides information on tariffs, foreign direct investment, trade competitiveness, and sustainability standards.

Recent Reference Titles in Marketing


Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Strategies

Essays describing significant marketing campaigns of recent years, like Priceline's "Negotiator" (William Shatner) and Apple's "Moment of Silence" for Steve Jobs.


Gale Business Insights Handbook of Social Media Marketing

From making a case for social media to building a strategy, providing consistency, and measuring impact, this handbook provides practical advice and recommendations.


Gale Business Insights Handbook of Global Marketing

Introductory essays on identifying opportunities, building a brand, watching out for cultural differences, product distribution, global economic realities, etc. Accessible for the novice.


Dictionary of Advertising and Marketing Concepts

This slim but surprisingly engaging book is described by its author as being a "dictionary of cultural analyses and critiques of advertising". In other words, expect explanation and sometimes idiosyncratic commentary, rather than a basic dictionary.


The Fine Print

Most of these tools are licensed for the use of BYU students and employees for academic purposes only. Content and access must not be provided to any outside individuals or organizations for commercial purposes, although BYU students can reference these tools in support of course requirements. Contact your librarian with questions.