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BYU Business Library: Faculty Publications

Recent Articles from BYU Faculty

Faster-Better-Cheaper Projects: Too Much Risk or Overreaction to Perceived Failure?
By Dillon, R.L.; Madsen, P.M.
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management 62.2, 141-149, May 2015

Acquirer Valuation and Acquisition Decisions: Identifying Mispricing Using Short Interest.
By Ben-David, I.; Drake, M.S.; Roulstone, D.T.
Journal of Financial & Quantitative Analysis 50.1/2, 1-32, Apr 2015

A Sign of Things to Come: Behavioral Change through Dynamic Iconography
By Cian, L.; Krishna, A.; Elder, R.S.
Journal of Consumer Research 41.6, 1426-1446, Apr 2015

Operational and Strategic Information Processing: Complementing Healthcare IT Infrastructure
By Gardner, J.W.; Boyer, K.K.; Gray, J.V.
Journal of Operations Management 33-34, 123-139, Jan 2015

Materializing Strategy and Strategizing Materials: Why Matter Matters
By Dameron, S.; Lê, J.K.; Lebaron, C.
British Journal of Management 26.S1, S1-S12, Jan 2015

I Tie Flies In My Sleep: An Autoethnographic Examination of Recreation and Reintegration for a Veteran with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
By Price, W.D.; Lundberg, N.R.; Zabriskie, R.B.; Barney, K.W.
Journal of Leisure Research 47.2, 185-201, 2015

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