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Finding Books | in the Lee Library and in Other Libraries

About Arts Books

Art books and exhibition catalogs located in the Lee Library are found through the Library Catalog. Search by artist's name, artistic style, time period, country, nationality, museum name, or various keyword combinations. Art books have general subject headings according to:

 medium. ex: painting, sculpture, drawing, prints, etchings

nationality. ex: art, Dutch; painting, French

genre. ex: landscape painting; portrait painting; panel painting; genre painting

time period (century). ex: engraving, Dutch--17th century

style or movement. ex: baroque; symbolism


    Exhibition Catalogs have subject headings for the name of the artist, subject of the exhibition, and museum or gallery. Use the keyword "exhibitions" and the artist's name or topic. ex: Van Eyck and exhibitions

     Museum Catalogs are catalogs of a museum's permanenet collection, and are cataloged by the name of the museum and the subdivision "catalogs" in the subject. Use the keyword "catalogs" and the museum name. ex: Rijksmuseum and catalogs 

     Catalogues raisonnés are complete compilations of an artist's body of works, usually containing images and provenance of all works. Search the phrase "catalogues raisonnes" and the artist's name. ex: Rembrandt and catalogues raisonnes

      Subject Headings

      Examples of subject headings to be used in  the Library Catalog:

      Art and mythology
      Art, Baroque
      Art, Rococo
      Art, Dutch--17th century--Themes, motives
      Art, Netherlandish--Themes, motives
      Art, Northern European
      Art, Renaissance--Europe, Northern
      Buddhist art and symbolism
      Catholic church and art
      Christian art and symbolism
      Civilization, Medieval in art

      Genre Painting, Dutch--17th century

      Hindu symbolism
      Holy spirit--symbolism
      Human Figure in art

      Idols and images
      Islamic art and symbolism
      Jesus Christ--art
      Jewish art and symbolism

      Painting, Dutch
      Painting, Flemish

      Panel painting--16th century
      Panel painting, Flemish
      Prints, Belgian
      Prints, Dutch
      Prints--16th century
      Symbolism in art
      Symbolism in architecture
      Symbolism in the Bible
      Symbolism of numbers
      Signs and symbols

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