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Research Metrics

This guide will help you understand research metrics about authors, articles/books, and journals.

Journal Citation Indicator

The Journal Citation Indicator is a new metric in 2021 from Journal Citation Reports. The Journal Citation Indicator is the average Category Normalized Citation Impact (CNCI) of citable items (articles & reviews) published by a journal over a recent three year period.

Because it is normalized, it allows comparisons across disciplines. A journal with an indicator of 1.0 received the average citation count for its category. A Journal Citation Indicator above 1.0 means that the journal performs better than average, with 2.0 indicating the journal performs twice as well as average and 0.5 indicating that the journal performs half as well as average. 

Journal Citation Indicator in Journal Citation Reports

1. Open Journal Citation Reports.

2. Enter your journal title. As you type a suggested title may be displayed; select it and complete the search.


3. Scroll down under the Impact Factor data to find the Journal Citation Indicator.