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Research Metrics

This guide will help you understand research metrics about authors, articles/books, and journals.


Available through Journal Citation ReportsEigenfactor considers the citation network. Citations are weighted based on the citing journal. If the citing journal is highly cited, then the citation receives higher weight and vice versa: if the citing journal is poorly cited, the citation receives less weight in the calculation. Journal self citations are removed from the Eigenfactor calculation. 

Eigenfactors are set up so that the Eigenfactors for all journals in Journal Citation Reports sum to 100. 

Normalized Eigenfactors are set up so that the average journal has an Eigenfactor of 1.0.  

The Eigenfactor database covers 1997-2015, with more current data available in Journal Citation Reports. 

Article Influence

This metric is a measure of the average influence of articles in their first five years of publication. Network weighting is included in the calculation via the journal's Eigenfactor. The exact equation is available here.  

Article Influence scores are normalized to 1.00, so journals with scores above 1.00 perform better than average and journals with scores below 1.00 perform lower than average. 

Eigenfactor and Article Influence in Journal Citation Reports

1. Open Journal Citation Reports.

2. Enter your journal title. As you type a suggested title may be displayed; select it and complete the search.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the Eigenfactor and Article Influence metrics in the "Additional metrics" section.