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Folklore: Books

Resources for folklore and folklife studies: regional, ethnic, generational, etc.

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Library of Congress Call Numbers

Folklore studies (including studies in Myth, Storytelling, etc.) are scattered throughout the Lee Library. Unfortunately, there is no one Library of Congress (LC) call number range that encompasses all aspects of something so cross-disciplinary. Here are a few LC call numbers for browsing:

Myth in Literature  PN 56.M94 (lev. 5)
Folklorists GR 50 (lev. 1)
Myth in Literature  PN 56.M94 (lev. 5)
Folklore and Children  GR 43. C4 (lev. 1)
Symbolism in Literature  PN 56 .S9 (lev. 5)
Storytelling GR 72.3 (lev. 1)
Folklore and Education  LB 1583.8 (lev. 1)

Theses & Dissertations

Other Ways to Search For Books

BYU Library Catalog Searching Tips

Keyword Searching: You can search every field in the record (Search All) or specify a field to search.

Advanced Searching:  Allows you to customize your search to look for words in the title, subject field or elsewhere in the record alone or in combination.

Browse Alphabetically:  A good way to find what the HBLL has about subject. Try searching by subject alphabetical for terms such as "Folklore," "Mythology," or "Storytelling", etc.  You'll get a listing of a lot of subject headings dealing with various aspects of that topic.  Click on the subject term that interests you to get a list of books for that topic.  Look for and click on "related headings," you'll see listed the narrower subject terms.

Truncation:  Use the "$" to search for the variations on a root word: "poet$" will retrieve "poets," "poetry," "poetic," "poetics," etc.

Subject Links:  When you're looking at a book record in the HBLL catalog, check the highlighted subject links, you may want to click on one to bring up other titles in the HBLL that deal with the same subject.

Call Number Browsing:  When you find a book on your subject, click on the "Nearby Items On Shelf" link on the upper left of the record to see what other books are near it on the shelf.

New HBLL Books on Folklore

To view more new titles click on the "View Feed" link.

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Bibliography Managers

Use one of these tools to import references of books, articles, and websites into folders and keep them organized.  Create in-text citations and format your bibliography for your paper too.