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TESOL: Reference Works

Library materials, information access and ideas for researching topics on the Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

Reference Works for Linguistics & TESOL

Language Dictionaries
Linguistics Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
Linguistic Atlases and Maps
    • Atlas of the World's Languages
      Hum Ref P 391 .A85x 2007
    • World Atlas of Language Structures
      Hum Ref P 143 .W67x 2005
Language Handbooks and Guides
    • Oxford Handbook of Applied Linguistics
      Hum Ref P 129 .O95
    • Classification and Index of the World's Languages
      Hum Ref P 203 .V6
    • Compendium of the World's Languages
      Hum Ref P 371 .C36
Language Learning and Maintenance
Other Scholarly Websites


You can easily input (and format) journal articles, books, websites, and other resources for your paper !


RefWorks is a Web-based bibliography and database manager that helps you collect and organize citations and access them from any computer with a Web connection.

RefWorks will even take your list and generate a bibliography of references, using APA, MLA, or any other format  you select.

When gathering records from other databases, look for instructions for how to directly export your records to RefWorks.



Pronunciator Language Software

Pronunciator is a language learning software database you can use to supplement your coursework, maintain and improve your language skills, or just learn a new language in ways that can be playful and fun, including a virtual tutor and language learning (for the most common languages) through movies, poetry and music.

Important for spoken language is the ability to "engage" with the computer and improve pronunciation through speech-recognition software.

Current languages available for self-study or supplementing coursework
(in 50 different language interfaces) include:

- 80 different languages from Afrikaans to Welsh and Xhosa -

After connecting to the database using the link above, sign up for your own individual account. 

Then log in, choose your level of language proficiency and conversational topic, and enjoy your language-learning experience!

Once you are a registered user, you can go directly to
and start learning (a login box will appear after you use it for a bit)

And you can get:
APPS for your handheld device,
PDF lists of vocabulary
and native speakers on sound files for practice.


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Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford Language Dictionaries Online provide a one-stop site for English to and from Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish. Sound files are provided as phonetic models.  Grammatical and cultural resources are an important supplement to the two million words and phrases found in the searchable dictionaries themselves. 

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Reference Online

The Wiley Language & Linguistics Reference offers you a number of handbooks & encyclopedias ranging from language acquisition to syntax, from phonetics to writing systems, from English to Japanese. 

Jobs in the Profession

What are your plans after graduation?  The Modern Language Association (MLA) Job Information List is available online in two versions:  

For Foreign Languages

For English and Linguistics

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