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Animation Studies: Books

Finding Books in the Lee Library and in Other Libraries

If looking for ebooks: search topic AND limit genre=electronic books in Advanced Search.

The Art of ...


The library has many books on the "Art of ..." animated films. 
Search ScholarSearch by title of film as a subject:
s= Coco (motion picture)

Call Number Areas for Browsing


GV 1469 | Video & computer games, fantasy games

KF 2765 | Copyright, Licensing & Media law

NC 765-825 | Drawing figures, Anatomy

NC 1320-1428 | Cartooning techniques

NC 1764-1766 | Animation in general
Comic books, strips, history of animation, animated films, animators, animation art

PN 1992-1999 | Television, motion pictures, scripts, storyboards

PN 6710-6736 | Cartoons & comics, particular characters

QA 76 | Software, programming, computer games, user interfaces, multimedia systems

T 385 | Computer graphics & how-to guides